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Corona for Blender / Re: Blender Mesh Exporter speed
« on: 2017-08-29, 14:16:15 »

From a look at the exporter's source it looks like the vray guys have moved all their export functionality to c/c++ and use a thin python wrapper to integrate with blender.  In some cases they are even modifying Blender to make it work.

Hi. Just wondering, but now that Corona and Vray are under the same roof, wouldn't it be interesting for you to get in touch with Andrey Izrantsev, the developer who wrote the exporter for Vray?

Hi, Am I the only one not being able to use HDRs from ?
I get this error:
Fatal error in mtl-XML file: 'Scene.scn': Texture with file name:
'D:/..../HDRI/HDRIHAVEN/cedarbridge.hdr' not found/ not accessible
I have no problem with other HDRs

Corona for Blender / Re: IPR and Corona scatter
« on: 2017-01-14, 01:07:20 »
Viewport preview would be should convince a lot of user to go with corona instead of cycles. Thanks blanchg for the fork!

Corona Standalone / Re: New standalone build, new XML format
« on: 2016-02-04, 20:13:55 »
As a blender user following corona progress for the last two years, i'm happy to read this!
I've used blender+corona a lot before the exporter development stopped so now i'm looking forward to the next exporter.
Thanks Ondra, thanks Joel ;)

Gallery / Re: Vkiurus Gallery of random doodles :)
« on: 2015-10-08, 10:49:34 »
Really nice image! Just, the top of the right tree is cut ;)

News / Re: Corona 1.0 is out!
« on: 2015-02-25, 16:50:36 »
I've switched from Max to Blender in the last month. The feature I miss the most.... CORONA!

Same here!
Congratulations for the release!

Feature requests / Re: Corona standalone feature requests
« on: 2015-02-16, 00:41:19 »
Maybe you could figure out a way to get RT working for Blender in a way that only the selected / changed object gets "reloaded" to the Standalone

The guys from Luxrender are making a pretty fast exporter with C++ acceleration and RT integrated in Blender's viewport. I'd be happy to get something like this with Corona... I hope Keymaster is considering to hire someone to work on the exporter in a more official way. Sadly, ohsnapitjoel seems to have lost the will to work freely on the exporter. :/

Feature requests / Re: Corona standalone feature requests
« on: 2014-12-22, 19:33:31 »
@ Keymaster - Hi another request...

This one is pretty crazy and you will probably not be interested in it, but here it is:
I know you have plans to make a layering system for material creation in the future. So I just want to point that Cycles Renderer is under Apache License, so the code can even be used with commercial softwares.
My request would be to make Corona support Cycles nodes. This way Corona would gain a layering system and for Blender users, we could make our materials with Cycles and take advantage of tthe interactive feedback, then easily convert them to Corona.

I know it's probably not in your interest to make something like this...but anyway...

Kind regards

Feature requests / Re: Corona standalone feature requests
« on: 2014-11-20, 16:26:41 »
Also, Vertex color support could be really useful in Standalone.

News / Re: Pricing and release date announced
« on: 2014-10-08, 12:52:14 »

I think that prices and licensing systems are fair for the 3ds max version but I just wanted to know about Corona Standalone, if the prices are going to be the same as for the 3dsmax version? If yes, will it be more feature complete before the release? Right now it really can't be used for commercial purposes. Also, if the Corona Standalone release is not made at the same time, will the 30 first days subscribers promotion be available?

Thanks again for the great work and the existence of this thread to have the possibility to discuss about the prices.

I need help / Re: Not work caustic render in Corona v.7.1
« on: 2014-09-29, 13:40:52 »
I think too, just wanted to mention the behaviour.
Progressive works fine, but caustics are bad. The same problem appears with progressive photon mapping. So it's due to those rendering types being experimental features.

I need help / Re: Not work caustic render in Corona v.7.1
« on: 2014-09-29, 12:26:21 »
I made a similar test in Blender + Corona Standalone and noticed a strange behaviour.
When using VCM the render stopped after 178 passes. Nothing change on the render anymore even if rays stats continue increasing. The computer also stop processing.

Feature requests / Re: Corona standalone feature requests
« on: 2014-08-19, 22:37:01 »
An RGB Curves node that we could use to tweak the textures or use as an input in place of the IOR in the Fresnel node could be a nice add.

...I'm feeling a bit alone on this thread :D

I need help / Re: Zumthor Vals
« on: 2014-08-16, 23:40:16 »

Zumthor used K51 on the Kolumba Museum. It should be a good starting point ;)

Feature requests / Re: Corona standalone feature requests
« on: 2014-08-05, 22:34:32 »
It would be nice to have a Rotate parameter so we can rotate textures and HDRI.

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