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Feature requests ARCHICAD / Re: CoronaLight
« on: 2018-12-06, 14:33:11 »
Very cool thanks for adding the color temperature.

maybe not relevant but the color picker works when i try to change light color with the Lamp tool as in attachment so i  hope its easy to copy that code to other color pickers :).

Overall amazing job, congrats to such a fantastic tool for ArchiCAD.

I can confirm the bug with color picker not showing, but that happened after tweaking some textures. I work on ArchiCAD 22 windows 10.
as a workaround i used copy paste from swatches amazing 3dsmax like feature you made there to copy white color from one to other channel.

keep up the great work.

Gallery / Re: Winter scene in Quebec Canada
« on: 2018-02-25, 18:44:29 »
Maybe roof should have some snow and that hot tub in cold weather seems strange

Off-Topic / Cutouts
« on: 2017-10-12, 14:33:09 »
i was browsing the website and when i saw this page it looked like some 'architect cut outs' catalog :)

Gallery / Re: Surf Shack
« on: 2017-08-10, 09:28:39 »
Nice renders environment in background looks great, maybe lightning could be more in summer mood as the house is for surfer no.. the mood looks like its about to rain

Gallery / Re: Barn House
« on: 2016-05-17, 17:17:09 »
Great lighting i like the mood and landscape integration,
might i ask is that falling water 3d modeled i like the effect of water hitting the stones, or is it post work?

I need help / Re: too many lights
« on: 2016-04-19, 13:58:27 »
thanks for suggestions maru,
I will try to optimize it somehow

I need help / Re: too many lights
« on: 2016-04-19, 09:56:00 »
Why do you need so many? araficial lithing could be faked around in most of the cases...

why so many, it is quite big restaurant interior (it has 4 bars within) and architects want to make more 'dramatic' renders by lighting so many bars tables walls features, they got LED strips and spotlights everywhere :)
i guess its time to break it down to more scenes

Btw the scene does not look like it requeres so many lights may be you have some light mtl with emission turned on?

The screenshot i posted is crop from one camera view i wanted to show noise i mentioned in first post, wherever i could i used CoronaMTL i have too many Corona Lights with IES that i cannot or don't know how to fake

...I know 3dsmax batch tool can toggle stuff like this easily with couple of check boxes, but I don't know the compatibility with your renderfarm.

Actually i found this tool quite usefull to simply batch render from many cameras and it works in my small 3 pc DR, but i wanted to try Rebusfarm and probably they don't have this script.

I need help / Re: too many lights
« on: 2016-04-19, 02:12:02 »
i forgot to mention that I want to use online renderfarm for final renders - stills, and i used different settings in camera mod for each camera view as some are outside/teraces  and other views are interiors
i have little experience with renderfarms, in vray i used to animate camera settings for each frame and then render as animation with higher settings the whole scene to avoid multiple uploads as files tend to be big and internet slow :(
i don't know if that  will work with animated corona cam mod settings, or i will have to reupload re-saved scene with different state for each view.

I need help / too many lights
« on: 2016-04-18, 23:53:37 »
is there any solution for too many lights, other than explained in helpdesk
i have a scene with like 400+ lights and renders are too noisy and slow even on 3 pc DR.
the scene is quite large, and i have to make many changes often so almost all things are 3d modeled,
i can maybe break it down to many scenes hidinng lights not affecting certain camera but i have to do 20 renders and that makes 20 files and i have no time for such solution!

General CG discussion / Re: [Useful Scripts\Tools]
« on: 2016-02-28, 00:25:13 »

thanks for such a great collection of scripts making everyday workflow easier.
Does anyone know name of this script-plugin for camera control or is it in native 3dsmax options?


Tutorials & Guides / Re: *Most wanted tutorial topics*
« on: 2015-07-02, 10:28:12 »
there are quite some info for Volumetric lights/fog/god rays for exteriors but how about having a tutorial for volumetric lights effect for spotlights, ies, projections etc for interior shots thanks

Gallery / Re: Wine glasses
« on: 2014-05-08, 01:19:21 »
Great render, nice dof
can you share settings for glass material

Gallery / Gispen today | chair
« on: 2014-04-08, 13:11:56 »
Render of Gispen today chair 3d model
no PP straight from VFB

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