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The pick functionality is not implemented either is on our roadmap for AC. I will register it as a feature request.

You are welcome :) And yes, material library is quite a big topic here at Corona. We are trying to find the optimal way also for ARCHICAD...

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD - resolved / Re: Shift lens
« on: 2020-02-13, 13:54:44 »
Resolved. Closing the issue.

Please note you are not resizing (changing resolution in pixels) textures at all.
In OpenGL, Basic Engine neither in Corona Renderer you are not manipulating texture size (in pixels), rather you are manipulating texture UVs.

In Corona Renderer while using Basic Texture shader, you can inherit the values (by default) ie. using settings from Base Engine or you can override the settings - see attachment.

Bug Reporting ARCHICAD / Re: Multipass problem
« on: 2020-02-13, 09:07:19 »
Hello and thanks for the report. We will investigate it...

Hi, yes, it's possible AC 23 port will be ready in the next daily build...

Hi, sorry, but as @tma mentioned, Corona for AC is ready for versions ARCHICAD 21-22..

Here is the updated light. Please test it and send your feedback as always.
Thanks rozky for your help!

I really don't get it. How can I rotate for example column on y-z axis? I tried to change planes, but all I can do is to rotate on x-y axis. Thanks for help :)

Thanks @rozky for your help! I will test it and updated Corona Light will be delivered in the next build.
And maybe I will attach it to this thread if you guys need this urgently... cc: @LUXi

Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like @tma knows the trick?

Ugh, after 5 minutes of furious clicking I was even not able to rotate a chair :) It's different like generic 3D programs, probably for a good reason. I need to find some tutorials how to rotate an object and then will explore why it's not working for Corona Light.

Hi. I'd like to help, but I'm afraid I don't understand your issue. Is this correctly working with lights from AC library? It's not more AC issue than Corona Light issue?
Thanks for bringing more light into this.

Hi and thanks for report.
We are aware of this issue and this functionality will be implemented (it's pretty high in the priority list). The file loading workflow will be replaced with the one you mentioned.
Thanks for your patience.

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