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Gallery / Re: BMW 2 Series - Studio Render
« on: 2016-05-24, 19:45:54 »
Really nice studio lighting !
Always enjoying working with lighting with hdrlight studio.

Gallery / Re: Swiss Delights
« on: 2016-05-23, 20:29:59 »
Holy CheeseNomnom ! You got my food respect level 9999 :D
It looks quite tasty from here I'm enjoying the hires... Well done chef !

Work in Progress/Tests / Strawberry Cheesecake WIP
« on: 2016-05-16, 20:25:32 »
Hi guys,

I know I've been absent from the gallery these months because of  the job ( not a big deal but anyway ), so I've decided to make some cgi food again cause everytime I use Corona I want to eat some sss mats since I was waiting for it for a long time and I'm still not done with it hehe.

This is a work in progress for an om nomnomy strawberry cheesecake scene and as you see It's a start and I will give it some time to improve and enjoy it :p

First I'll think more about some  objects to add and to remove ( Maybe the nutella with the bread is not suitable for this scene :s )
Also I'll use Realflow again for the raspberries...

I'll make the spoon+fork+knife in zbrush since these ones I used are just for this test.

Just to mention that this render took about 2 hours with a 0.5 denoising +another denoiser in photoshop + Arionfx with a i7 4770 for this 2k version.

Cheers :)

Off-Topic / Re: Prices for 3d works?
« on: 2016-04-22, 20:39:24 »
50$ for this one ? Are you kidding me ?

Are you doing this for living or for spreading peace n love on clients ?

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: [WIP] LOFT NO 2
« on: 2016-04-14, 23:30:46 »
Well done I like them !
The carpet instead in the first render is a bit flat I think, the dog on the floor looks like a resident evil puppy between.

Work in Progress/Tests / Re: trying to build up a scene
« on: 2016-04-13, 20:38:25 »
Holy corona,  Zuliban is back baby !
You know you will have a nuclear mindblowing feeling soon when this man shows the final masterpiece !

Jobs / Re: Architectural Visualisers - The Boundary, London
« on: 2016-03-31, 20:00:11 »
Hi Daniel, Mostly looking for full time staff but we do work with a lot of freelancers as well so feel free to email.

Well once  I sent you an email yesterday just after you posted, your answer was fast  and It was weird when I saw this today,  oh well good luck guys :D

What :- D Windows10 might be the very best looking UI existing right now. If only Autodesk adopted some of those (flat design) principles when designing those icons, it wouldn't resemble something from WindowsXP era (which Win7 users apparently must be in love). Holy colors&gradients...

I do hope it really is 4k-ready/High PPI displays though at least.

I am very intrigued how the Physical material looks. Maybe if it's good implementation, there would be no need for dedicated CoronaPBR shader, we could just adopt that one. But the guy who made screenshot didn't bothered to click on the actual shader so we instead got to see the multi-tile...
Can anyone make screenshot of it please ?

When I say win10 I know the UI is nice yes, but they forgot about stability when it was first released compared to win7 or even win8.1 ( I know that one is updated lol ), I've tried it and I was amazed by the dark style buttons  etc but after a single day total mess was happening to my softwares etc and lot of people was like going back to win7, So for me UI was like a new "fancy UI change" and that's it... I just don't want it to crash max even more  than being  beautiful that's just my two cents :D

Hope to see it released this week so I can test it and remove that fear :D

Why do I feel  Autodesk is killing Max  slowly even If it's used by a lot of companies and artists?
I feel like seeing an extension more than a complete new release, Maybe I'm wrong but reading comments in their forum like  a liquid sim (I guess Naida or something) will be implemented in Maya rather than Max and lot of people were hoping uselessly... The new UI reminds me of Microsoft and their win10 compared to win7 :/.

Anyway let's wait and see if they are hiding something we don't know that deserves our attention, because seriously I'm not impressed !

Gallery / Re: Balancing act
« on: 2016-03-30, 19:45:30 »
Really nice macro , excellent rendu bravo !

Gallery / Re: First Corona test
« on: 2016-03-21, 22:06:42 »
The 3rd flashy tasty one is glorious, well done !

I would love to see a ghost somewhere in it.

Gallery / Re: Orion Tower Apartament B
« on: 2016-01-24, 00:01:12 »
Nice !
But the girl's arm looks tiny near the door, you should work on that so it looks natural.

Those are really nice tests!

For those who are obsessed with noise, this Altus thingy might be Godsend, but i always like small amount of noise in my images. For my highly untrained eye, noise equals details and big flat completely noise free areas looks very artificial. And still, i wait for Corona's adaptivity with big anticipation :]

Amen !

Gallery / Re: Industrial kitchen
« on: 2015-12-25, 21:15:51 »
Well, I think Ikea will be very pleased to recruit you after seeing this quality, well done !

Gallery / Re: Mercedes-Benz GT AMG
« on: 2015-12-11, 22:00:17 »

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