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After some more testing it seems like the new displacement version is indeed much slower while precalculating.

I also noticed though that the screen size number (px), is not equivalent with the previous versions. Which means that you don't get the same result for the same value.
New version output's better resolution for the same value and has no edge breaks like the older method.

Although even when comparing similar results it is indeed considerably slower.

Now because this seems like an engine related issue
and since there are objects that don't need the edge break fix (which might be slowing the precalculation) like floors for example,
maybe you could add a per object basis "legacy displacement" feature till it gets fixed/optimized?

In addition, it would be great if there was a choice of "screen size" / "world space" on a per object basis as well.

[Archive] Corona for Maya / Re: Important. Please read.
« on: 2016-02-05, 13:19:25 »

Well that's sad news indeed..
As RickToxic already mentioned, it's really hard to do certain implementations in maya though you did a fine job thus far.

So thanks for giving us the opportunity to be part in this and for getting this port to where it currently is.

[Archive] Corona for Maya / Re: mayaToCorona 0.47
« on: 2015-12-13, 19:38:34 »
Hey Haggi,

The batch rendering doesn't seem to work in this version..
I also get a crash when I try to go to a different frame while IPR rendering..

"About Corona" gives me the following error
"# Error: IndexError: file C:\Program Files\Corona\mayaToCorona\scripts\Corona\ line 36: list index out of range # "
Not important I know but thought I should let you know anyway.

Using maya 2016 on the latest version of windows 10 (64Bit) btw.


So no information on why displacement on this version takes much longer than the previous??

A very nice list of fixes and changes..

New displacement also seems to be working but it seems to be way slower than before. Is that normal?


Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Re: Alpha v4
« on: 2015-10-30, 00:09:34 »
I believe the rate of the progress is quite good.
Really wish I could say the same for the maya plugin.. Seems like it's much harder to implement..

Though I would really like to see the new displacement features working..
As of now, faces with more than 90 degrees angle difference get separated when using displacement..


[Archive] Corona for Maya / Re: mayaToCorona 0.43
« on: 2015-10-16, 01:48:33 »
Hey Haggi,

As show in the images attached, textured lighting in general seems to produce artifacts which are especially noticeable in bucket rendering mode.
Additionally the image gets distorted when used in an Area Light.

Couldn't check new displacement features because of Maya crashing every time I tried to use displacement mapping.

Btw I'm using Maya 2016 Extension 1 + SP3 under Windows 10 (64Bit)


Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-10-11, 19:55:51 »
Good to know.. Any information on release date? :)

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-10-11, 00:05:11 »
Hey haggi,
I just tested the new Corona plugin for Cinema4D and found out that there is a precision setting for UHD Caching. It ranges from 0 to 99 impacting performance and GI accuracy. After playing a bit I saw that when set to 0, GI is far from correct. At 1 which is the default is pretty good and after 2 there is very subtle to no difference compared to 99! Now as far as performance goes, when set to 0/1/2/3 the impact is minimal to none but when set to 50 or 99 it performs about 30% slower and also has a bit more noise for the same number of passes.
I wonder what's the default setting for this option in Maya's plugin?
From the time it takes to precalculate the same scene seems like around 10.
Now I didn't go too deep with this setting so I might be missing something but maybe a lower setting would be faster with no visual impact.
Is this option going to be there in the next version of Maya's plugin?


Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-09-28, 21:23:17 »
Ok good to know!

Keep up the good work!

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-09-28, 18:56:32 »
Very good to hear progress is being made!!

Haggi are we by any chance seeing interactive rendering implementation any time soon? I think its really important..
Also the new displacement features are more than great!

RickToxic great remark, indeed those new LookdevKit nodes are awesome!
The were added in the extension 1 and one needs to enable LookdevKit.mll plugin in order to access them.
There is a great new simplexnoise node as well which I think does not work in the current corona plugin either.
Seems a bit strange that they were added in the extension and not in the major release.

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-09-25, 00:25:33 »
Yeap.. Actually texturing implementation in general seems to be a bit buggy..

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-09-20, 20:37:56 »
Hey RickToxic,

In order for the area lights to work the way you described, you need to enable "Use as Environment Portal" under "Corona" in the light shape attributes.
Normally this gives you a performance benefit but I'm not sure if its working properly cause after a quick test I just did I didn't see any performance gain.

Seems you're right about the utility node issue though.

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-05-27, 00:44:34 »
Hey Haggi,

There is no brightness difference in my images either.
Bottom images might seem brighter due to the viewing angle of your monitor. If you download them and open them sequentially you will see no difference in brightness ;)
Anyhow no problem with exr gamma if I use the image saved through the render settings.

Any progress on the texture lighting issue? It would be great if you could fix in your next release! :)

Kind regards,

Corona for Maya - bugs / Re: Corona 0.41 (Maya 2016)
« on: 2015-05-25, 20:18:53 »
Hey Haggi sure!

Btw are you using bucket mode? As I said on my last post due to the fact that progressive mode does not use adaptation refining methods (Adaptive Threshold), the results should be the same if not identical when using progressive mode.

So my initial point was that the "thinking" of the renderer gets affected by the Colormapping_gamma setting whether that should happen or not.
You just have to use certain settings in order to see it though :).

Attached is the scene.

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