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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / VFB comparison doesn't work
« on: 2020-06-11, 11:27:24 »

i'm using Cinema 4d r21 and Corona 5.
Since few days, vfb comparison doesn't work more and appears "not rendered" warning.
Attached you can find a screenshot.

I always used vfb comparison and i had no problems since now.
Thank you in advance

How are the objects being created? Are they instances (and if so, what is creating those instances?), or physically unique regular objects?

Objects are simple cubes scattered with Mograph as "render instances".
And inside Multi shader settings i used "object" as Mode.

Do you think is a fixable bug?
Thank you

This is probably a disease of the Cinema.
The first time I noticed this with VRay (randomization with Output Wrapper). In Corona 5 appeared Multi Shader and the problem is exactly the same. But I traced the reason: randomness changes if you add / remove or show / hide objects in the scene.

Oh, this is quite a big problem.
To be honest i didn't noticed it when i used Vray in the past.

Hi guys,

i have quite a big problem with uvw randomizer and Cinema 4d.
I created a tiles floor and using uvw randomizer and multishader to have great variation on it.

The problem is that everytime i press render, the randomization changes.
The customer asked me to have the tiles "as the 1st draft", but if everytime it changes, would be quite impossible.
I use uvw randomizer lot of time so, is a big issue for me.

Maybe i set something wrong with parameters? I attached them also with 3 render tests.
Hope that someone could help me.

thank you

I need help Cinema 4D / Road uvw details issue
« on: 2020-01-21, 12:45:49 »
Dear all,

i'm trying to make an Uvw for a road i have in my project.
The surface is quite big (more or less 200x300mt) but i think is a quite common situation with urban projects.
I had same problems also with a smaller one lije 100x50mt.

I made the simple uvw and i created a 9000x9000 texture. I mixed lot of different textures from friendly shade, poliigon etc..
During the process i hade some issues like of course the loss of details because for example friendly shade textures have big resolution (8-16K) but when i scale them inside my canvas in photoshop because the scale of the texture is not correct..if i scale it down everything looks blurried.
Friendly shade texture have a huge amount of details but the original size is 4-5 mt so i have to repeat them lot of time to have the correct scale and cover the entire mesh.

Eveytime i saw unwrap tutorial or making of people works with quite big textures to cover big surface like 5-10k but if you see the attached the eye level view calls "road 02" i have no detail, everything looks blurried and the result is not good.
Is there a proportion between real scale of an object and pixel resolution?

I saw this beautiful making of:

and the quality of the road is peferct but i don't think he used a 100k texture also because the ram usage only for one texture would be unnecessarily large.
I have 128gb of ram but i don't want to use half of it only to load a 100k texture..!

So, if someone could help me to achieve a great result and details as in the making of would be really appreciated because i'm working on it from several days without any great results :-(
Attached you can find two tests, a crop of the uvw texture and the entire one but scaled down to 3k..the original one is 9k.

Thank you in advance guys.

Hi all,

i'm not using HDRI, only sun and sky.
Attached you can find other 4 tests.
1st and second one show the difference between a full frame render and with the same settings, only a region one.
The region has few square dark pixels...quite strange because the settings and camera are the same.

3d is a new filw and i don't have any problem. The only difference is that with the new scene i apllied a simple grey material to pool structure
Maybe something (i don't know what) went wrong with the scene.
Finally, last test is always with new scene but using a box and not a plane...but i can't see any difference.

Hi Maru,

this is a full-frame render.
If i need to use a solid box, do i need to re-create a "negative" from the pool shape?
If yes, do i need to create it 1-2 mm smaller in order to do not have any overlapped polygons?
Because at the moment is a high dense plane that is a great solution also because i animated it with a procedural displacer.

Atacched you can find two simple sketch-sections.
At the moment i'm using a plane, do you mean i need the solid one? I will have some edge problems for sure because of the procedural diplacer animation.

Thank you

Thank you for your at the moment, if i understand correctly, the bug remains.
Do you have other similar cases (from other users) in which water caustics produce this kind of issues?

Hope you will find a solution for this problem.
Waiting for some great news.


Thank you for your reply.
I've just uploaded the scene. And name file is ""

Hope to hearing back from someone soon.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Caustic pixelate issue on water
« on: 2020-01-04, 10:56:31 »
Hi all,

i'm using Corona 5 and Cinema 4d r21.
I'm testing caustics and i have to say that the result is quite impressive and precise. I activated caustic on refraction and in general settings of Corona.
But, at the moment i have strange darker square group of pixels.

The water is an high poly plane with a displace deformer.
I calculated both test for 35-40 passes.
I highlighted the problem in one of the images attached. Last one is with a plane without any displacer/bump, the probelm remains.

Hope you could help me.
Thank you in advance.

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