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You're right ! I think this how the policy exception worked for longer time. I think it's both DirectX and Fullscreen at same time, or something like that, for GTX.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2019-02-20, 12:30:31 »
Ah yes...I forgot mouting HDDs, something I haven't done in years :- ). I don't actually know how many you can mount on the back... I really never check this, good thing you considered it before buying :- ).

I need help / Re: Mixing colour spaces
« on: 2019-02-20, 12:09:27 »
James has very good point that using wider gamut color space has still benefits for post-production (regardless of output, if the output is wide gamut, the benefits will stay visible, if the output will be in lower gamut, than there is "theoretical" benefit in higher fidelity of color transition, but in many practical tests done of this (not by me) this was almost never proved sufficiently which basically discards for example super high gamut ProPhoto as only being 'halo' space, perfect on paper definition but not leading to actual improvements even for severe color transitions post-production).

I didn't mention it since the OP's client's purpose was for having the wide gamut (CMYK>sRGB) on input texture maintained correctly from conception to print and that currently can't be done.

You want your value output unchanged. That's what 'assign profile' is for. It doesn't change your values at all, it just *displays* colors within the specified profile gamut.

You don't want this at all, I didn't make any mistake with "convert to AdobeRGB", it does convert values to closest resembling, the practical difference of converting to higher gamut space is minimal and we don't want those colors to visually change at all.
If you assign the space, you will interpret those color differently than they were stored at, which is currently sRGB from Corona or 3dsMax (3dsMax does all the saving from framebuffer, doesn't matter which).
You might be pre-press guy but you still got the point of this thread wrong so don't go accusing anyone that your head hurts from reading their post.

What James wrote is correct also.

If you just want to convert a document to Adobe space just go to Edit > Convert to Profile (never Edit > Assign Profile). But its better to convert from higher profiles to lower ones eg. Prophoto > Adobe > sRGB as you gain nothing from converting up. But the file will be in that color space regardless (as what Juarj explained)

And here is where your reading comprehension fails Pokoy.
The bigger problem here is the first conversion from CMYK to RGB, because CMYK has a smaller gamut for most color tones

CMYK doesn't fall neatly in extremities compared to RGB models (since it's substractive) but it better converts to AdobeRGB (which fully covers it) than sRGB, hence OP's client's request for pre-print files.
His client don't care about the gamut per se, they want exact representation of their original colors, which were selected in CMYK, to be represented correctly in final result. But this will be butchered in first step of input in 3dsMax as the bitmap loader.
So if OP could maintain his whole pipeline in AdobeRGB, everything would work. He could go and do so right now with Vray in Maya for this job. But not for Corona in 3dsMax.

This thread had literally nothing to do with pre-press preparation but maintenance of fully managed color pipeline, but you still had to come and claim to be the smartest. Every time Pokoy, I will ignore these color threads in future, there is no point.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2019-02-20, 00:21:21 »
One warning, the heatsink on MSI MEG is massive... so the issue jppapers mentions is amplified in almost all cases that were not specifically made for high-end custom watercooling. The board basically needs high upper top, or the board to be positioned slightly lower in the case (so we're talking the bigger out of available big towers). It's very easy to obstruct this board with top radiator+fans. The Case either needs to be tall...or wide.

Definitely do not put this system into case that can't even fit Noctua tower.

If you want to stay with AIR, why not just go with good-old Fractal Define ? If you want option to high-end water cooling, look at cases Peter Sanitra and I bought quite some pages back.

I need help / Re: Mixing colour spaces
« on: 2019-02-19, 23:51:30 »
Short answer ? You can't.

Just because (as SairesArt mentions above) Corona uses generic WideRGB spectrum for internal computation, doesn't matter. You need full Input/Output color management to manage correct pipeline from input color/texture to render output. And both those right no are sRGB regardless of what you do, so even if you after importing into Photoshop either:

A) Wrong "Assign AdobeRGB" profile. Yes the file doesn't have profile attached (because 3dsMax doesn't color manage) but it's sRGB. Assigning anything else than sRGB will convert values to incorrect colors.
B) Correct but useless "Assign sRGB" and then "Convert to AdobeRGB"

You will end up with file that is technically in AdobeRGB spectrum...but with the gamut of sRGB, because that was the input. It would be like re-saving jpeg as 32bit Tiff. The data would still be quality of original jpeg, just the container would change.

This is why need full color management, Autodesk Maya has it.... 3dsMax doesn't. Vray has it through framebuffer and texture node. What Corona devs could do, is integrate ColorOCIO (with ACES) into both framebuffer and CoronaColor and CoronaBitmap.
Then and only then, we can use wider gamut color pipeline.

So making the same color very hard especially in corona because it's not fake render engine like vray.

This is false. Corona and Vray treat light in the same way, regardless of what people believe. But Vray actually supports color management in partial way. Corona currently does not.

General Discussion / Re: new Denoise vs. Old denoise
« on: 2019-02-16, 15:59:16 »
The lower the initial noise, the better the final result (the less softening, blurring, loss of detail or artifacts you will have,  Most of all, the classic denoiser can be used in animations (provided the based image quality is good enough), and the GPU denoiser will most likely cause splotches/artifacts jumping from frame to frame.

Maru, this is spambot.

General Discussion / Re: Corona Denoiser vs Nvidia Denoiser
« on: 2019-02-16, 15:52:59 »
Exactly, it doesn't. You can have two independent denoisers set, one for IR and one for regular rendering. But for IR, only Optix is available. For IR, it doesn't matter what the dropdown selection is set at.

I guess this is where the misunderstanding came from.

General Discussion / Re: Corona Denoiser vs Nvidia Denoiser
« on: 2019-02-16, 12:01:16 »
No I don't, at all. They both clean up the image well under second, so I couldn't notice any difference.

I use it only for IR.

General CG discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2019-02-15, 18:14:28 »
Yes, i had to resolder click microswitchers

And that is very much the crux of it :- ) Switchers were the bane of MX range for years but I believe it's better for the latest models (still, they went very fast from MX Performance to Master and Master 2S).
I don't think majority of users have patience with fixing the inner hardware.
Still, this stuff is covered by warranty for most part so I wouldn't consider it a deathknell. Logitech is still the absolute creme de la creme.

It's steep but my carpal tunnel was becoming severe which kinda surprised me as I am barely 30 years old :- ). If I want to keep using PC this is little investment to save my health.

I've found that carpal tunnel seems to be more related to the height of your work surface than the actual grip. Never tried a vertical mouse, but some others, and in the end I came to the conclusion that I held my mouse to high up so now I have a little ledge in front of the screen that holds both the keyboard and the mouse, which made a dramatic difference.

Would you care to post a picture of that ? I am having hard time imagining it and I am curious.
But in my case, my wrists already rest comfortably on both keyboard and mouse (and I always used bulky mouses), so there isn't much I can do about my wrist position outside of rotating it. And than made brutal difference.

General CG discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2019-02-15, 16:50:46 »
It's steep but my carpal tunnel was becoming severe which kinda surprised me as I am barely 30 years old :- ). If I want to keep using PC this is little investment to save my health.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2019-02-15, 16:21:23 »
4.0-4.1 would be pushing it, but you don't mention what CPU cooler would be or how you would intend to cool the VRM. Have a look at Peter Sanitra build in this thread.

Yeah you can use risers believe, but if you opt for 4x2080(Ti), you will have to use two risers as the NVLink bridge is hardpiece.

General CG discussion / Re: best mouse for 3ds MAX
« on: 2019-02-15, 13:31:29 »
Yeah well, I do sorta expect it to die after a year, I am not making illusions. One year would be nice actually as with my sweaty hands, any semi rubberized plastic ends up looking less than pleasing...

I can't compare the vertical aspect to any other of such kind, never tried other ones I just trusted Logitech to get this one right.
I am overall very please, only contentious point could be (might be plus for others) is that the mouse is very, very light-weight. It lacks any kind of heft, almost feels like toy.

General Discussion / Re: Corona Denoiser vs Nvidia Denoiser
« on: 2019-02-15, 13:13:55 »
That sounds more like issue with how you use it, are you sure you have it on ? It's confusingly currently on two separate system tabs. On all our cards in office (1080ti's,1070, Titan Maxwell), it takes miliseconds to clear up to 3k image easily while in IR. It's snap of a finger, except 10 times faster than I can snap fingers.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2019-02-13, 19:04:54 »
Aorus is clear winner against Zenith (vanilla version, as there is now also Zenith Alpha but it doesn't fit 4 GPUs for the same reasons MSI MEG doesn't, the VRM mosfets push the real estate away and it wouldn't fit into E-ATX format).

Aorus has better VRM and that is more important, you need to actively cool both with good air flow or hack some fan solution on top.

It's incredibly poor state of affairs that MSI MEG and ZENITH ALPHA didn't go for SSI board format as the E-ATX ended up crippling their GPU capability.

Feature requests / Re: IR slow in high resolution
« on: 2019-02-13, 18:58:18 »
The solution to have upscaled IR is not bad, yes it would be blurry, but that isn't such issue on HighDPI displays. Soon enough, we will work on 8k monitors, and rendering at 1:1px zoom ratio for IR will be impossible.

Right now IR always renders at extents of VFB size, and then you can zoom it but of course you end up looking at crop. How much better it would be if you could already start the IR at different zoom ratio or completely decouple VFB size and IR rendering resolution.
Or is the latter somehow already possible ? Resize VFB without resizing IR resolution ? Then we could zoom however we want without loosing real estate.

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