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Well Slovakia is also sub-zero in Winter yet my room used to attack 28 :- D Comfort..and those sauna-producing PCs under table.

But now I have husky dog so I took my apartment to 21 as well. Voila, my husky still loves to sleep next to render farm anyway. "Arctic" dog..

The second fan can help but not by much, good case air-flow (3 fans in) will do more. But with your room temp there will be no issue.

Yeah those 80s are toasty, but will be manageable as long as your room is around 25C and not 30 :- ). But keep good case airflow, esp. if you run one or two GPUs that output heat inside.

Look at the main thread but:

1) No issue with memory on 3rd gen. But don't buy higher than 3200 if you want 128-256GB configurations.

2) No issue with air cooling technically but it will run hot but that's ok. Only alternative is custom loop though, because the only available AIO is the faulty Enermax. Better run hot than dead :- ).

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« on: Today at 11:30:41 »
The correct multiplier for Ryzen at 3000 is 2933. It with run under both, but it's better advised to put it precisely at 2933.

But here's the thing, 3000 CL16 is low-quality memory bin from Hynix, there is no guarantee it will be super stable in 2933 at 8x16GB configuration but it's lottery.
(For 1st & 2nd gen Zen chips, it's not issue for 3rd gen).

Also, don't overclock anything on CPU. Don't even turn on PBO. Keep it stock. No overclock is necessary, and it absolutely not going to be stable on your Prime X399 Board with 8 phases.
This board was never meant for 250W CPUs. It's miracle it runs.

Compare it to something like MSI MEG which has 16 phases for CPU and 3 phases for Memory. That and Zenith Alpha are the only board for which 2990WX can be run safely, longterm, and overclocked.

(EDIT: I might add why I advise against overclocking despite the best overclocker on youtube Roman does opposite in his video. He is using open-air setup on Asus Zenith, not Prime. He only populated 4 dimm slots with only 32GB memory in total, and he used the best Samsung B-die memory. The more memory you put on Zen architecture, the higher the stress on CPU even without overclock yet. Also, any meager gains you get in all-core, you loose in single-thread boost. Because your system will be render slightly faster, but it's also gonna be slower.
Unless you have extreme setup, it's not worth it in any way whatsover.)

Hardware / Re: Ryzen 9 3950X build
« on: Yesterday at 16:02:08 »
CPU to two ports, not Y-splitter. I think I connected case fans through Fractal PWM controller (small split board), which I don't remember if also came with C case, or my R6 previously.

Sorry for vagueness, it's been one month :- D I honestly don't remember.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« on: Yesterday at 15:55:19 »
If you get blue screens, that there is definitely something wrong on hardware level, at best driver level.

Do you have good PSU? What do you mean running "standard" on memory means? Loaded XMP profile? What Capacity & Frequency & Timings is it? On which board?

Swapping is virtual memory, when Windows offloads data from system memory onto your (mostly) main drive. With large enough memory, this isn't strictly necessary anymore, and while Windows should be efficient in deciding when to do this... it doesn't mean it can be trusted.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: Yesterday at 15:50:50 »
Ok that's a really good usage, I wouldn't have guessed that sims can write that much data. I contemplated Raid 0 for a moment, but then saw that Q1 random access is even slightly bit worse for most part, so since I don't write anything at all to system drive, it wouldn't make sense.
But I am contemplating investing into Optane for system driver instead.

Good for you, Samsung claims their next drives will be "immortal" :- ).

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990 Performance Issues
« on: Yesterday at 13:29:08 »
That is interesting.. I wonder if some specific scene setup could run very poorly on 2990WX.

I have still 7980XE, 2990WX and various Dual-Xeons like 2698v4, all three which have very similar performance (from 4500 to 5200 Cinebench R15 scores).
And when I run distributed, they all contribute equal amounts of passes (2990WX do provide on average 10perc. more) every single time.

So this really is mystery.. I have two such builds, one with MSI MEG and one wit Zenith Alpha, and neither even runs memory at 2933 because it wasn't stable (2800 CL16 both).
Both 128GB memory with any swapping disabled in Windows.

I can't comment on sluggishness because it's Veronika's workstation and other is node so I don't use them, but she did frequently comment on such behavior but that is always hard to judge since I find 3dsMax, Photoshop and Chrome to be all equally slow softwares.

You can also try downloading Spectre disabler and disable both protections which affect mainly just Intel, but they still get installed by Windows automatically.

Also, with my 2016 3dsMax, none of my scenes ever crash by themselves. Like ever, I had maybe 5-6 crashes last year, and they were all Corona related (reloading textures in CoronaBitmap and importing stuff from Copitor both during Interactive, which...doesn't work of course).

I really wonder what this comes down to... Also, at some point did you try to reinstall whole Windows from ground up and see if that changes? Some things are just.. mystery.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: Yesterday at 11:48:09 »
Shiny and chrome = ). Dimm.2 is fantastic feature on ROG boards, I wish they would put two of them on like on Dominus board and make the board even wider.

The copper heatsink extension card from Aorus is like 1kg heavy. Too bad my fileserver is not pci4.0 so it won't bifurcate this one properly even for pci3.0 cards.

What do you use Raid 0 NVMe for?

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-17, 21:25:00 »
Hard to tell by the "Freq. [GHz]" posted on results, they don't seem right.

They're indeed wrong. The benchmark can't reputably read clocks. Your temps are good, there is no throttling, it's even written there = ). 3.8GHz is only 200 MHz more than stock all-core boost. Also, Corona can apply AVX offset, are you sure it's actually running at 3.8 during the benchmark?

Did you ever decided which TR you were going with?

I am decided on 3990X unless the benchmarks reveal some kind of "catch" in performance (regardless of what due, Windows or architecture, or perhaps Corona).

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-17, 14:57:21 »
Juraj did you go for 4x of these kits in the end? If I remember well you used these 2 kits for the 3950x the ones finishing with E3200C16?
I ordered 4x of these as well since they are cheap and probably will use them in the next few months in my next TR build.

Didn't order yet memory. But these two worke perfectly in 3950X, they're fully stable at 3200 16/20/20/38 across all tested workloads.

It's not like there are any other alternatives :- ) G.Skill has 3 identical sets of 3200 16/18/18/38 which maybe are from the same batch as the Corsair. The cheapest heatsink (RipJaws) cost the same as Corsair LPX and are on QVL list for TRX40 boards by G.Skill. I take it as guarantee it will work.
I was waiting for the 14/18/18/38 but given the two of the above were released yesterday as CL16, it looks like those were not stable and will never materialize.

None of this really matters, I just decided this build will be over the top for once so I am sweating unimportant details ;- ).

So I ordered this from Amazon Spain yesterday...and it came today in morning. This is one thick, big-ass board. Looks fantastic.[/img]

Congrats! Enjoy the unboxing. Interesting, how they covered most of the electronics on that motherboard.

Full heatsinks are very fashionable (and very useless outside of chipset & VRM) :- ). But the positive part of it is the board is really stiff, no bending. That will come handy when installing CPU block which always makes me nervous with the pressure.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-17, 13:11:32 »
Someone would have to benchmark all those things to quantify the difference :- ). We've seen this quantified with 2990WX where the difference was pretty severe (due to only half of dies having direct memory controller access mostly).
Wendell on youtube had video yesterday where he did this on 3960X and used the Phoronix suite, but that is not exactly useful for us and there wasn't much difference in Vray or Blender.

It affects latency sensitive processes, under which theoretically fall all those you listed. Yet the difference between worst (2133) vs fastest (3600+) is not big at all (5perc.?)with 3rd gen Theadrippers it seems, and is virtually non-existent after 3000.

But most importantly, the price difference between average (2666) and really good (3200) is not big at all, often time the difference is almost nothing. Of course, past this, it quickly exponentially grows expensive, but we can ignore those module since they aren't stable in high capacity anyway. 3200 CL16 is golden standard for Zen3, and doesn't come with any price premium (only price difference between different 3200/16 modules comes down to heatsink and amount of RGBs on, like Corsair LPX vs PRO, or G.Skill RipJaws vs Z-Neo,etc.. no actual performance difference).

Good price right now is 300 Euro for 2x32GB 3200 CL16. You need two of such packages to populate quad-channel, that's 600 Euro for 128GB of fast DDR4 Ram for Threadripper or Ryzen9. In my opinion it is no brainer to buy :- ). In upcoming year, this price might go up. And you can always upgrade to 256GB easily should you ever want to.
Unless you already have existing memory, I would ignore 16GB modules.

Gallery / Re: Autumn mood forest interior design
« on: 2020-01-17, 11:38:25 »
The mood is indeed very nice and chill :- ).

I need help / Re: Texturing Large Surfaces
« on: 2020-01-17, 11:31:45 »
if Corona and V-ray could consolidate all their nifty little maps to work across both renderers

I believe this is still in their long-term plans and always was. I definitely ask them about this pretty often :- ) I personally like the idea of switching between Vray & Corona per project basis (Archviz-Corona, Cars-VrayNext on GPU, for example).
But this seems to be somewhat in backburner for now.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper Builds
« on: 2020-01-17, 11:23:10 »
So I ordered this from Amazon Spain yesterday...and it came today in morning. This is one thick, big-ass board. Looks fantastic.

My new EKWB parts came as well (new matte tubing and Torque fittings, look very industrial, no more that plastic crap but I had to move to thicker tubing).
So that leaves the CPU & Optimus block only!

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