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I'll write you on these over the weekend, after years I've developed what I consider quite healthy approach and both us and clients are satisfied with the system.
Good that you ask this early in your career, you'll save yourself the painful hassle of figuring it out :- ).

Though I wish bigger studios would sometimes talk more openly about this. There are some articles on cgarchitects but they mostly just skim and say something smart to look cool instead...


But i agree their pricing is odd and they seem to post similar looking scans constantly. They should be covering the basics off before sending me scans of angkor wat.

Exactly my sentiment :- D

They are super inconsistent. 200 shades of mud and gravel....then 3 palm leaves, not enough to even make single palm, then 30 varied unnamed leaves (what trees are these even from?), then 50 shades of mud, then 5 bricks, then 20 Icelandic rocks, then another single palm leaf, but this time flattened and dry(so I can make dead palm or what?), then 6 random pieces of some scottish castle, then 4 Angkor Wat pieces ?

I know they have like 6000+ assets there but I don't understand their methodology at all.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-12-14, 14:08:15 »
Don't panic :- ). Common mosfets (even average quality ones) are rated for 120C. But lot of circuits around can start to deteroriate at roughly 105C. I see you often pass this peak.

VRM is often poorly cooled by even the best airflow, which is why people come up with all sorts of hacks by trying to point a fan directly onto the VRM. It makes a bit of chaos in overall airflow but can help the temps up to 20C.

Regarding my VRM temps I think I would have to measure it again at different voltages. I really didn't touch that PC at all since I gave it to Veronika. I think they never went above 80.

Definitely try to get some fan pointed at the VRMs. People with Aorus often do so and they have 10 phases for the CPU (versus 8), better heatsink, and most people in this thread under-volted.

Btw, if the noise from Enermax feels annoying, you can swap the native fans for Noctua Sterrox (NF-A12x25). I know it's not budget solution but they're state of art in terms of airflow/accoustics.

They weren't even honest about those 0.28x 0.28m scans :- ) Apparently it was all "1m" scans because they didn't write it. And then you would look into JSON file...and what the hell is this.

Teddy replied to me, apparently Bridge will retain basic functionality to browse even if you don't pay. But not integrations. (Corona scripts were done by Dubcat for free ! Not them).

Maybe I am spoiled by the heavily manually retouched scans from But seriously, it's night&day, go compare it :- ).

Yup, bottom price is good description.

Because how I remember those discussions, esp. for US guys, this is what it all came down to. "I have 4 kids and house in California, I need to charge XYZ, but you're from cheaper place/without family/etc.. you don't". It always came to this strange privilege where pricing was based almost like moral imperative to your personal needs. And that's not how capitalism works, maybe in the heads of baby boomers in 60s.

Price should always be based on your market value. Charge what you believe you are worth and what market will accept. Our portfolios are online, anyone can work for clients from California to Tokyo. Never lower your prices because you feel you don't have to/need to charge more.

Strong business position should be something we all should be more educated in creative business. Because this "poor artists" mythology didn't create itself, artists created it by devaluing themselves because they are just happy to work anyway. Who needs profit ?

I will only add one thing to this:

For years, I've read how people on cgarchitect, usually from US, claimed their prices based on their living costs. This is totally irrelevant on global market. It's obvious you need to charge enough to make living & prosper, that is the base of any business.
But it's not what should justify your prices. Quality & Service should.

And thus, it works vice versa and this is what lot of people never get. Do you live in some random shithole in middle of nowhere ? Your living costs don't matter. If your quality is the same or better then from someone from San Francisco or London City downtown, you should and need to charge the same.

Always charge the highest amount of money you can get for your service, that is how business works. It doesn't matter if you're from small rural village of Lithunia living in house of your grandparents. Your image quality rivals NYC studio ? Charge 5000 euros.

Not only will you massively benefit, everyone benefits.

Never get a client because you are cheaper. If someone chose you on price, you've already lost.

I wrote on their support, FB, and to Ronen. Will spam few more of their channels because this actually pisses me off. Bridge is worth 5 cents not 10 euros, they should look at billion times more advanced (and free) Connecter.

The Bridge is basically necessary because of their stupid automated naming conventions. I have no idea what I even downloaded without Bridge. So nice but thanks for nothing.

Highly DON'T suggest Megascan.

They recently changed their policy, but it's not ideal. I think I will write them as well.

The biggest benefit from changes, as that we can continue downloading our assets with frozen/cancelled payment. Hurray ! Because I spent...terribly huge amount of money just because...I don't even know why. Now I finally cancelled it and can at least download those 1000 points I have accumulated :- ).

But the fuck...Bridge is now unavailable ? I can understand Mixer...but Bridge ? A stupidly simple asset collector ? This is issue I will contact them about. Because what can I do with my points now when I can see them in catalogue.

Now we can pay for Bridge&Mixer but I just want the Bridge.

And don't get me started about the content. It is huge disappointment. Totally random, one leaf of palm in January....then second leaf of palm maybe in August. In between 50 shades of Mud. The arch stuff is super poor quality, tiles terribly (the 2x2m is joke).
For all the scanning teams they claim to have the output is terribly slow and nonsensical. The only consistent stuff they output on regular are rocks and muds. OK.

Do you want to see high quality scans ? It's not even in same league. But it's one guy so.... the library is tiny. But every single scan is brutally fantastic.

General Discussion / Re: DR machines start and fail loop
« on: 2018-12-13, 15:08:42 »
That sort of searching is basically impossible with production scene with millions of objects.

Annoying culprit of this behavior is that those scenes render just fine themselves on both workstations or individual slaves. They only fail in DR mode on slaves.

I don't remember which scene of mine did it but maybe VUK could upload his (though I am sure I uploaded mine as well back then).

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-12-13, 15:03:30 »
This is first time I ever hear about CPU architecture (AMD in this case) being the cause of crashing. That is some serious nonsense. People with stupid builds, cheap underpowered PSUs, odd idiosyncratic settings in bios, overclocked CPUs beyond VRM capacity, not enough voltage, million stuff where people are only to blame themselves.
Even the people who come to Corona forum with the "Only Corona crashes my PC to blue screen  !!", well no shit, you probably didn't stress your PC before enough with full AVX load (on top of GPU utilization). Your build is to blame, not the software.

Early bios versions are always hassle, but it's purely MB manufacturer's fault, and fully unrelated to CPU.

People also claim the earth is flat, sometimes it's better not to read the internet proletariat with their collective wisdom. I am pretty sure this rumor is from gaming forums because those are most guilty of building crappy PCs and strange settings.

None of my PCs crashed in years. They all are almost 24/7 at 100perc., the workstations at 1000+ Watt each.

Hardware / Re: Threadripper 2990WX
« on: 2018-12-13, 11:46:03 »

I have both. My personal suggestion is 2990WX being superior as overall package. Now regards to the "ram problem":

- What is it that concerns you ? The fact only half of dies are connected to memory directly ? This affects only single-threaded performance and is alleviated by recent Ryzen software which basically does automatical project lasso, it shuffles processes like 3dsMax and Photoshop into those physical cores that have direct memory access. With PBO, you keep high single-core performance on par with i9, so applications run on the same smoothness.

- Or maybe the fact that affinity fabric within dies together affects the overall performance even multithreaded due to latency. This is very application specific but even with this latency delay, Corona is still faster, and the other workloads where this manifests, like file compression, etc.. are usually very small times regardless. In practical terms, this is more about not using the potential of the CPU to the fullest within certain applications, but still come ahead of the i9.

Now the benefits of 2990WX:

- You can choose from two great boards (MSI MEG and Aorus Xtreme). For x299, there is only recently introduced MSI MEG. Otherwise you're stuck with bunch of 8-phased VRMs for most part.
- In future, next or the following year, you would still be able to upgrade to 48 or even possible 64-core Threadripper. I would say though, that this will only be possible on MSI MEG (or otherwise necessitize X499).
- Excellent thermals. Short of VRMs, for which you have better boards, 2990WX runs much cooler than i9 at comparative clocks. Yes i9 can be clocked slightly higher, but due to AVX instructions, it becomes hell-fire.
- Thus every 2990WX can be overclocked, even on air cooler ! But for i9, you need to win silicon lottery and get a good chip, delid the heatspreader and replace the paste, and then live with terrible accoustics ;- ).

I only kept my i9 because what I am gonna waste time&money now trying to sell it.

General CG discussion / Re: Fastest Network storage?
« on: 2018-12-12, 16:14:31 »
Heh yes, you can aggregate even 10GBe for the ultimate super-speed :- ). I actually wanted to do it as well but I saved money by only buying 8-port Switch and have no space for such luxury.

Which I btw regret, my 8-port Netgear drops 10gbe to 1gbe on random ports if all ports are being used at 10gbe fully !! It very easily overheats and struggles with performance.
So if you want to link-aggregate, buy much bigger switch than you think you need. It seams like waste of money but this is what "pro-sumer" switches are like.

General CG discussion / Re: Fastest Network storage?
« on: 2018-12-12, 16:08:01 »
Indeed, most of them are rated very conservatively, but even those conservatives estimates are very hard to reach. I would absolutely not worry about this at all today.

850 Evo is still the best price/performance available in my opinion.

M.2 is just form factor what matters is the actual interface, PCI-e or SATA (SATA is both interface and form factor). Some drives like 850 Evo are available in form factor of M.2 or SATA, but the speed is the same because the internal interface is always SATA.
And yup, you got me right, PCI-e drives are much faster than even 10GBe network can use, it's 1200 MB/s vs 2700+ MB/s. But these super speeds are very workload specific and niche in nature. Copying huge amount of video/photography data ? Benefits. Loading tons of small textures and bunch of 1-2GB scenes ? No benefit at all.

So definitely good idea to stay with SATA drives for file server in meantime. Unless you can score some good deal :- ).

PCI-e drives are good idea for system storage but even there the performance benefit is often questionable as what trully matter is random access/write speed of small data, and that is where only Optane drives from Intel currently dominate, at exhorbitant prices (let's wait 2-3 more years before we jump at this).

General CG discussion / Re: Fastest Network storage?
« on: 2018-12-12, 14:40:58 »
I use only SSDs for few years now for active storage. I even use PCIe SSDs in file server as well. (Corporate Intel versions). Now 10GBe is still limiting to 1200 +/- MB/s so you won't get full use out of PCI-e drives, but since their benefit is only in continuous file transfer of large files you won't benefit in any way whatsoever when it comes to reading/writing files from 3dsMax/Photoshop/etc...  So you might stick with SATA drives and instead opt for higher capacity (or higher quality drive with better cache).

What issues would there honestly be :- ) ? SSDs are used everywhere including mega-clustered servers like Amazon,etc. There were no issues with them for like past 6-7 years.

Only thing that comes to mind is that many consumer based SSDs lack any form of powerloss protection. But you shouldn't count on that anyway and back-up to at least two sources (one detached).

General Discussion / Re: DR machines start and fail loop
« on: 2018-12-11, 17:01:28 »
Just like Frood mentioned, I used to suffer from this all the time, but it was some time ago, pre-v2 version.

I wonder if it's some particular feature in scene that sets it off, because I would have it happen only on every second scene, it's wasn't constant thing. Since all my scenes are kinda super heavy, it was impossible to pin-point by myself (or I never had the patience).

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