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Metropolis light transport those caustic correctly even in this setup if I recall well. Like in maxwell it works well, is it MLT maxwell ?

I can't see you'r gift image or any link to your written details , I just can see 2 images ^^

Good test, you should also try with the skin shader and see how it compares :)

Thank's all I'm glad you like it, one more here, a custom lighting to see well the scattering :)

Hi all,

New update, with the new skin shader ( look's wayyy better ^^ ) and some tweaks on the skin here and there etc.

and also, some HDRI lighting, more front shot

Hopw you like it ^^

lol it's not a lady for sure and I don't think it's he-man either lol he just did it for testing haircut in xgen I think

Hi there, some more test . The haircut is from Tarkan Sarim , he sent me the splines and I transferred to ornatrix it was originally done in Xgen.

Hope you like it

So as the titles says I'm rerendering my Daniel Craig all in corona texting the new hair shader ( wich is amazing ) and the early skin implementation skin will look better but it's a start :)

Hope you like it !

yes and I have a new idea wich I think will improve it even more.. just need to test it ..

Converted my hairfarm daniel craig haircut to Ornatrix yesterday while learning ornatrix and rendered it with my latest set up of my corona hair shader .

Hope you like it ^^

Hi guy's , my latest hair tweak, added custom glint effects and hair breakdown into the reflection . Look's quite real now :P Lit with an hdri

An other test

corona actually uses the mr slot instead of emitter material
Yeah, I was about to say after I double checked with the Changelog.
I indeed had it set to geometry and that caused all the incorrect Ramlocking. With buffer mode it seems all fine.

However, see picture attached. 2.5mio hair causes 500k rays/s, but transferring to mesh gives a boost to 800k rays/s (in normal scenes it is usually 2-2.5mio)
Is this subject to change, or will H&F buffer Hair always be slower than convert to mesh ? (Ignoring the horrible Ram explosion after mesh convert)
Also will parse times always be this aweful with H&F? For 2.5mio strands its almost a minute.

Nice teapot haired ^^

2,5 millions of hairs.. less then a 1 min to parse.. not that slow to me. it's 2,5 millions ! give it a chance lol

personnaly I did not tried it with hair and fur since I don't use it anymore.. it's so so bad.. but , you should not apply the material to the material slot in the hair and fur, it's for MR material. Just appy it to the emitter mesh , that's it. Also, in the environment ( never render the hairs as geo ! that shader is not made to work well on geo hairs! you'r loosing most of the quality of it by oding that and it takes more RAM ) I guess you should use buffer mode , but I'm not sure since I did not test it with hair and fur.

some more old test ^^

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