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Feature requests / Re: Which 3D soft to integrate into next?
« on: 2018-03-29, 21:56:35 »
Arf, so many needs !
BUT MAYA is my to go for an engine the level of Corona.
Houdini is to VFX oriented yet, so can wait a lil bit :)

I think those days the tide is changing from swiss officer knives style (AKA gazilions of AOV) and I am one of those, don't get me wrong, to the more neat "this is your beauty, and this is your masks) period.
Specially guys like WETA, the head of dev is a HARD Liner about that and he is right in many ways. in studios, for mostly multi shots productions, the NEMESIS is heterogeneous output from COMP dpt and / or CG as well, meaning that the director at the end of the day as a heart attack when switching from shot to shot, the color is not flowing correctly and that takes a lot of time to manage and / or control.
So at the end, their thinking is: Why the fuck using a PBR engine and all the pain it brings IF we kill the result a comp time ? that what it is about.
I agree 100% with that. But it requires an education cycle again in the film industry to not get out of that and do a strike with just one little email saying that you just realized the shot was supposed to be night time and not day light, for example.
It will take a bit of time to be able to lose those hard coded habit we have ion the industry, because they are well founded, at the end, but not really making sense. AKA 2nd amendment if you follow me.

And indeed is the question and need of keeping linearity (not Linear workflow... ahah) between all brick of the pipeline. typical pipeline involves a lookDev, (maya/max/houdini/C4D - Nuke/Fusion/Smoke - Katana/Clarisse - Avid/LightWorks/Premiere/and what not. All those guys are required those days to display at viewport level the exact same level in shading and textures display. Probably adding a bit of a challenge as well).


but that is what I am saying, those attrib are not promoted in the CoronaBitmap in my 1.4 Corona for Max, or I am missing something... ?

UVscale parameters are not showing up in the CoronaBitmap Parameters, how am I supposed to link them ? and even if, I think it is misleading max users to have the UV Tiling renamed UVScale in Corona, doesn't really make sense to me...

here you go

i guys,

I bumped into something yesterday, when I connect my bezier float to control my u / v tilling on a corona mat, it doesn't control the UV tilling but the type of the repeat... quite annoying.


awesome, looking forward to get it.

Porting and API / Re: Corona for 1 additional software
« on: 2014-04-12, 04:50:27 »
Well guys, you will have to admit that after the ceath of Softimage, HOUDINI should be its legitimate heir. Arnold is developped for Houd right, now. HtoA is top but still, there are a lot of space for new engine in Houdini. Mantra is an awesome renderer BUT way to tecky for the average user and it is a pain in the ass to find good lighter... because of the lack of shader and the nerdy oriented Mantra engine. Even if I an a fond of it, I am looking forward for another professional grade render engine for HOUDINI. I am not spitting on ArchViz, but a real engine should open its door to other part of the world. HOUDINI is part of it and with all the guys being put out of work literally by AD, most of them will migrate to HOUDINI just because of the mindset they developed along Softimage.
So once AGAIN, think of HOUDINI !

And on top of that it is an awesome community with talented people as well. SideFX are I am sure, thrilling to engage a decent battle to win over AD.


it depends your logic indeed.
And again, I compared chips which are 3 years old dude, both of the INTEL or AMD.
And no matter what all your calculus about cores and RAM, at the end, 2 opteron 6272 brings same power as two XEON 5670. What do you have to say about that ? Both run on same power supply and run at the least same huge minimal RAM, 48GIG, again those two rigs are not render node, but ws.
So at the end Juraj, you put the price of two Xeons and two Opterons, INTEL cost 10 ground at that time for the ws while the AMD cost 3500. For a same benchmark.
My renderfarm is made of single chip only, I never run multiple cpu render nodes, to quick depreciated and expensive to deploy + when you lost one, you losty a pretty decent amount of rendering power. We have around 35 of them and yes, it is cheaper. But you can't only take in consideration wattage or cores. Running single CPU nodes has a price, specially i7, they run HOT, which at the end is killing you, heat and wattage.
BUT again, we made the math, even let say a renderfarm running ARNOLD or RENDER MAN will cost less on a single socket node + cost of the license per node rather than multi socket rig for a node.
I don't want to argue, don't get me wrong, what I gave you guys are real facts, not spread sheet before byuing the dream machine everybody thinks he is going to assemble. ;) me including of course :)

No I didn't ran a dual E5 Xeons, maybe they are amazing, but still, they cost an arm and one leg.


yeah usually the Opterons are not the best fighter, but they have their advantage too. This station is my simulation platform for Houdini and it runs quite really well. Plus the 128 gig of RAm serving it, the 32 cares can breath.

I ran the bench without the hacking running. I could do it again while hacking the core, which more or less pumps up the clock full speed ALL THE TIME.
Here the Opeterons always take a shit load of time to gear full speed while the Xeons crunch asap full speed.

Now the Opterons are really good CPU. No matter what at the end, not the GIGAFLOP/s are what counts but the ratio PRICE/CORE.
AMD is unbeaten on that. the same benchmark on CineBENCH between this rig and a 32GIG RAM Dual Xeons 5670 at the time I built them was quite eloquent... 10Gs for the Dual INTEL against Gs for the Dual AMD. You push AMD at 10k in money spent I would have a 75Bench.

AMD Opterons has to be socked in a very carefully picked motherbord I guess, that is the trick.

enough for tonight !


General Discussion / Re: 15 nodes so far with great results
« on: 2014-04-03, 20:08:33 »
yep, here we have 30 nodes rendering on Corona and it gaves me a nice 300pass in 4min on a HD rendering. Love it, best for look dev !


yep me to in others render engine or bench, that's why i was quite surprise.

yep look like something fishy here. You still can use my ws for tests, just let me know what you want me to run. i can give you the specs of it.
i have others AMD node based.
I can run the same crown test on one of them if you want.


General Discussion / Re: 15 nodes so far with great results
« on: 2014-04-03, 04:30:00 »
Hey QuakeMarine, nice to see you here and not only on Smedge forum.

Well, some attributes specific to Corona are definitely not in the Max submit I would guess. So YES it is probably possible to use it as is, not sure if we got access to all the parameters.

I am sure Robin would love to address more Engine than his competitors though ;)


Ah that is the right attitude !

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