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All users feedbacks are most welcome and we think it's right to post a progress report with you all.
In case you encounter any bugs, or have any improvements you want to suggest, please share it only in this post, and please try not to repeat an already written or known bugs.
Thank you.

First thing, a disclaimer, as it will appear in the website.
"The CML website is not in any way officially associated with the Corona Render engine."

1. Create a bug report page on the corona forum - DONE
2. Create one file with two model options, the first one fabric and the other, shader only -DONE
3. Create a sample scene with well defined rendering settings -DONE model size is now 7.5 MB
4. Create a tutorial about saving .mat file and publish it on the website- In Progress.
5. Create a Rich-text box for more options in the description user area -In Progress.
6. Disable the flash ruler menus when user is scrolling down, as we found it to be useful - DONE
7. missing texture error when opening a sample scene-DONE
8. Adjust the website size and design -DONE , now the website is adjustable  for 1400 pixel resolution and above without side scroll.
9. Adding a personal library for every user that uploads his materials- DONE
10. adding licence to use all  materials on cml website with no limitations -  DONE

One more personal request,

Please upload your materials to the cml website. in the end all of us will be able to enjoy using the corona render, save time , and contribute to the users community with just giving 10 minutes of our time. this can lead personal users and companies to make the corona render their primer rendering engine.

more users, more tutorials, better knowledge and one more render engine that will continue to developed and improve.
Thank you all.

General Discussion / CML Website is ONLINE! Enjoy.
« on: 2014-03-28, 02:56:05 »
After months of intense hard work, we are very proud to announce that the CML website is online.
We urge you to take an active part and make this important tool a successful experience for the on growing Corona users community.
Please spread the word so that everyone can enjoy, share and learn from this unique and most importantly free website.
We wish to thank you and hope to meet you on the CML website soon.

You can view Tutorial at VK and Facebook

General Discussion / Cml website,going online.
« on: 2014-03-26, 17:02:02 »
Expect some good news this weekend!!!
We are very excited to announce that the CML website will be online this weekend.
The CML website will  be online in test run mode.
Temporary overloads and inconveniences may occur, in case you encounter any problem,
please notify us and we will look into it as soon as possible.

General Discussion / cml- fabrics.
« on: 2014-02-13, 22:47:58 »
Fabric layer has been added to model

General Discussion / CML - The final model.
« on: 2014-02-07, 11:15:32 »
hi all.

As the website is in its final stage,  I am very exited to reveal the final model that will be used as the sample scene.
All credit goes to VOLDEN for excellent job by optimizing the sample scene model so that everyone will enjoy the best material presentation on the cml website.

The final model has a perfect unwrap.
sss, metal, glass, woods and more great materials will look amazing on this model.
Expect more news in the upcoming days.
In the meantime, you can
enjoy some preview renders.
have a nice weekend.

General Discussion / Poll - Corona Material Library
« on: 2014-01-29, 10:11:49 »
Hi all
With the courtesy of Keymaster, I am very glad to announce "the sample scene poll".
For all of you who are not familiar with the recent posts, this sample scene will be used at
Here are the three models that received the best feedback so far.
Please take your time and consider everything you want a sample scene to be, before you make your choice.
thank you for your participation.

option 1

Option 2

Option 3

General Discussion / CML
« on: 2014-01-21, 22:25:43 »
we are excited to announce the new Corona materials library  site which will be online soon
We are inviting all corona users to take part in the sample scene challenge.
All Corona users are invited to the challenge.
All user can upload  renderings to this topic, or send us an email.

Create a simple model which will showcase the material in the best way.
The model should be consist from mix of curved and straight surfaces.
Max Version  2012-2014
Corona light studio setup
render size 600/480
Zip file

Chosen scene will be awarded by LIFETIME credit link to the user website.

Good luck.

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