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Bug Reporting / Bokeh Anisotropy doesn't work in DR
« on: 2018-07-18, 18:48:03 »
as in the title, Bokeh Anisotropy doesn't work in DR  and with Backburner.


Feature requests / Daylight system and CoronaSun target
« on: 2018-07-12, 12:54:01 »
when we create a standard 3ds Max Daylight and we chose CoronaSun and a Sunlight, the CoronaSun target born at [0,0,0] and it's not linked to the Compass.
In this situation, we will have a wrond shadows
Maybe it will be better if the CoronaSun target will be placed in the center of Compass and linked to it.
Ok, we can to do it manually but, why not by default?


(*) Create an explosion with PhoenixFD with Velocity Output ON (by default is OFF).
(*) Export the simulation as .vdb format.
(*) Import the .vdb files in 3ds Max with CVolumeGrid.
(*) Set Speed multiplier= 0.5.
(*) Set Mode=Velocity based.
(*) Set Velocity=Velocity.
(*) Multiplier = as you want.
(*) Turn on Mblur  (Geometry) in the CoronaCamera.
(*) Render the animation (it's enought a few frame)

The interpolated frames (frame 1, frame 3, frame 5 etc...) are really weird.
If you use Mode=Simple, everything is ok

Is it a bug?

Resolved bugs / CVolumeGrid bug when Auto Key is ON
« on: 2018-06-21, 00:58:33 »

try to:

(*) create a CVolumeGrid,
(*) load a .vdb files (animation),
(*) activate the Auto Key button
(*) scroll the timeline

You will see some strange keys in the viewportIconsize track ^__^

General Discussion / The future of Corona - TotalChaos event
« on: 2018-05-23, 15:43:50 »
From TotalChaos event (Corona from 47:13)

(*) Easy Caustics (on-off button).

(*) New Light Solver (x6 faster)

(*) Architectural sketches (Toon Shader)

(*) CoronaScatter PRO

(*) Corona for ArchiCAD (very early Alpha version)

(*) From 3ds Max to C4D and vice versa

Bug Reporting / VDB - Shadow bug and emission question
« on: 2018-05-22, 15:24:25 »
I have a very small experience with .vdb file.
With PhoenixFD I have created a simple exploadion (with the preset tool), inport the .vdb file in Corona and try to play.

As you can see:

(*) there is a problem with the shadow
(*) I'm not able to create a nice "emission" shader

Here you can download the files:


Where is the problem?  =)

Bug Reporting / CScatter - Small UI bug
« on: 2018-02-23, 16:03:49 »
Hello =)
as you can see, there is a small UI bug inside the CoronaScatter.

3ds max 2015 - Win7 - res 1080p

In the previous version, we had [Disabled] BBox Scattering.
[Disabled] Bounding box Scattering is, now, too long.

Bug Reporting / CoronaCamera and distorsion map bug
« on: 2018-02-22, 19:13:31 »
I think there is a bug in the Camera Distorsion map.

(*) I created, procedurally, a simple Distorsion map by adding two Gradient Ramp maps with CoronaMix (Mix Operation=add). Everything is ok (no artifacts)
(*) Later, I changed the Tile parameter in both Gradient maps. As you can see, now, there are some artifacts on the borders.

I created the same Distortion map in Photoshop and the result was the same.

Bug Reporting / CoronaSun Icon: strange behavior
« on: 2018-02-21, 02:12:59 »
I remember, in the old version of Corona, when we tried to move the CoronaSun icon far from the target,
the star changed dimension automatically. So:

(*) Move far the CoronaSun from the target = nothing happens

(*) Now, try to change every parameter of the CoronaSun=BOOM! The icon change dimension.

I think something is wrong =)


some time ago I discovered a bug in the Translucency RE:

Today, I tried again with the new release of Corona, but, the problem, now, is also inside the Reflection channel.
I want to explain, because it's not so easy to understand:

As we know

--- CESSENTIAL_Reflect = Components_Reflect_DIRECT + Components_Reflect_INDIRECT ---

But, also

--- CESSENTIAL_Reflect = RawComponent_Reflect * SourceColor_Reflect ---

Well, we can recreate the BEAUTY by the sum of all CESSENTIAL. And, Corona does a good job =)
We can recreate the BEAUTY with be sum of CShading_Components. And, Corona, again, does a good job =)

But, it's not possible to recreate the BEAUTY by the sum of RawComponent*SourceColor channels (Diffuse+Reflect+Refract+Translucency)!
Why? Because if I compare the Reflections and Translucency layers (RawComponent*SourceColor) with the CESSENTIAL, they are different. I mean

(*) RawComponent_Reflect * SourceColor_Reflect is not the same and CESSENTIAL_Reflect  .
(*) RawComponent_Translucency * SourceColor_Translucency  is not the same and CESSENTIAL_Translucency .

You can download the 32bit file composition in this link. The psd file is already done to "play"with all layers.

--- DOWNLOAD ---

Bug Reporting / Small bug in the UI - Re ZDepth
« on: 2018-02-14, 21:34:25 »
As in the title, these is a small UI bug here, in the "O" letter.
3ds max 2015 - Win 7 - Classic theme - 1080p resolution


Bug Reporting / coronaCamera: Shutter offset BUG.
« on: 2018-02-08, 18:27:00 »

why is Shutter offset (CoronaCamera) range only from 0 to +1?
In the Renderer (Frame offset parameter), the range is from -1 to +1 =)
Is it a bug?

Bye (^___^)


I have some questions about Corona license. I think these info can be useful for everyone, so. 
For example, I have one Corona License (1WS + 3Nodes) and 10 PC:

(*) I remember that, some time ago, the Standalone was 100% free and we could install on all 10 PC of my hypothetical Render Farm. Is it still the same now?
(*) I have to render an animation. I want to use Backburner with all my 10 PC (I want to calculate one frame for every node). So, can I install 3ds max DEMO and Corona to all the nodes and use all my renderfam? Or I am restricted to use only 3 nodes?

Thanks you


bad FPS with CoronaCamera and Standard Camera.

(*) Plane, teapot+CoronaSun
(*) IR Subsampling =3
(*) In Perspective= FPS  14
(*) In Standard Camera= FPS  2-4
(*) In CoronaCamera=FPS  2-4

What's the problem?

Resolved bugs / RC10 UI bug
« on: 2017-10-23, 01:26:23 »
Hi =)
As you can see, there are some UI bug in the new v1.7 RC10

3ds mad 2015 + Classic Theme (Win7)

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