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Bug Reporting / VFB lags
« on: 2019-10-22, 08:03:13 »

I've just updated to 3ds Max 2018 and all of sudden getting viewport performance issues. 3ds Max itself is fine and works well, and so does the Corona VFB — until I hit render, then everything drops to what feels like 5fps. It affects moving the render region and also just panning the frame buffer itself, everything is super slow. It affects Corona VFB only, the rest of max seems to work ok (ie I can move the whole VFB window around somewhat easily whilst rendering).

The weird thing is that this was absolutely fine until yesterday when I updated to 3ds Max 2018. This is the only thing that's changed, no Windows Updates etc. Previously 2016 was working flawlessly but now has the same issue as 2018. It only really happens when rendering, i.e. it works ok even during parsing and GI compute, but once it starts rendering the frame rate just massively drops. I don't think it's a performance issue as I have plenty of RAM left (the scene is using about 4GB, I have 112GB left). Limiting the CPU affinity (in both Task Manager and in Corona system settings) doesn't help at all, neither does low priority etc.

I've tried reinstalling Corona from scratch but that didn't help.

2970WX and 1070 Ti, Windows 10 Pro, latest GPU drivers

latest Corona, 3ds Max 2018.4

Any suggestions? pls help

EDIT: forgot to mention that the render itself seems to be going ok and it's fast, it's just the display that is affected

Gallery / Still Life 02
« on: 2015-06-22, 08:22:42 »
Snake, deer skull and the ACR assault rifle.

another somewhat still life

Gallery / Still life
« on: 2015-02-18, 00:03:07 »
Roses, pomegranate and a baseball bat.

first more serious test of corona, good renderer:)

Corona + 3ds Max

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