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Hardware / Swapping Titan and GTX 780. Bios won't boot.
« on: 2019-04-02, 19:57:18 »

We're installing a new workstation today, a threadripper 2990wx, and everything seems to be working as expected. But:
We're using an old Nvidia Titan GPU from our other workstation (AMD 1950X). It seems to work fine in the new 2990wx as it was doing in the 1950X. Now, we're trying to install in the 1950X WS, an old Nvidia GTX 780 (that was working perfectly in an Intel i7-5960X workstation until this morning) to substitute the Titan GPU that was installed. The big issue is that  the 1950X won't boot now with the GTX 780 installed, not even get to the BIOS.
If we install the Titan again in the 1950X WS, it will boot and get to windows normally.

Specs of the 1950X WS:
AMD threadripper 1950X, no OC.
Asus ROG Strix x399-e gaming
128mb DDR4 gskill f4 3000ghz CL14
PSU Prime Ultra 1000 titanium
Cooler CPU noctua NH-u14s TR4
Case corsair Carbide 600Q

Can anyone help us a bit with any ideas of what is happening? We have tried to reset the MoBo memory (CRT RAM I think it was called), shortcircuiting a couple of pins on the MoBo following instructions on manual, but it won't work.

 Thank in advance for your help!

Hi all,

I´ve just read an email about the Blackfriday discount for Corona. I already have a yearly subscription active and I would like to know if there is any chance to take advantage of that "-27%" to affect my current license. Maybe doing an early renewal of the yearly FaiSaas, so once my license expires next April, It will automatically renew with that 27% discount applied?

Thanks in advance


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