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Jobs / Head of Design for 3D Studio in Skt. Petersburg
« on: 2018-04-16, 15:47:13 »
We are a smaller 3D studio (3D-Vizual) with a team of 5 people. We have offices in Denmark and Russia

We are seeking a very talented and skilled 3D artist for our 3d Studio in Skt. Petersburg.

The job will be as Head of Design and responsible for the output to our clients.

We have mainly clients from Real Estate projects, Restaurants, Hotels, Stores and Residential projects.

Our clients are based primarily in DK and US.

Starting date: ASAP



I need help / VR - Images - Reflection and lighting issues
« on: 2017-10-26, 16:03:55 »

I am doing this apartment project and I have some issues I dont know how to approach in the right way. (Scene setup) My plan is to both make Stills and VR Tour.

I am using HDRI 1856 from PG Skies in the scene as lighting, which I like very much.

Outside of the apartment is a balcony with a glass railing towards the sea and harbour further away. (I will receive 360 degrees images from a drone later on)

I have been trying to save as a tif file stored with alpha map. But as you can see on the image it does not effect the glass railing.

Also the tree I have on the balcony is blownout and white when I replace background.

I can see The Boundary have made a great VR Tour here:

Where they have had same situation as I have with balcony glass outside window glass and plants etc. and solved it nicely.

So could anyone tell me how to make this in the right way.?

Gallery / Restaurant
« on: 2017-04-10, 20:38:29 »
Here is 1 out of 2 restaurants I did last week. A bit tight deadline.
But fun to do especially with Corona.. :-)

I actually did not do POST on images beside from VFB.

The mood was more important than the realismn.

Jobs / Corona and Archicad experienced people look here...
« on: 2016-06-09, 12:15:42 »
We are a smaller Danish 3D Company in the look for a person from EU that could help us doing regular visualizations jobs from our office located in Denmark.
We can offer half a year internship in vizualization company in Copenhagen for the best candidate. With the possibility of a permanently working contract after this period.
We have some larger clients in Clothing Store Design, Hotel Design Other types of Stores.
We do both 2D and 3D design of the stores etc., so therefore it would be great if you had some experience with Archicad.
We do all our modeling in Archicad and then render in 3ds max/Corona.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Please send us your portfolio when applying for this
Best regards
Martin Kofoed - 3D-Vizual

General Discussion / Error messages in Corona
« on: 2015-12-15, 09:50:50 »

I am pretty tired of this error message pop up screen. Is it not possible to turn this off?

Resolved feature requests / Batch render in Corona render
« on: 2015-11-03, 23:28:03 »

I have a wish that a batch render like this one here from artlantis:

could be implemented in Corona render.

A simple solution build inside 3ds max/corona if possible or as a standalone in same way as artlantis.

I need help / Good tutorials..
« on: 2015-06-22, 12:11:38 »
Hi There

Anyone knows about good tutorials for Corona Render.

It is ok if it is not free. I am willing to pay for some good explanation.

I am especially in need for some good tuts on material creation.

Would be nice with the same feature as seen in Vrayframebuffer to measure
rgb values by rightclicking or some similar functions..

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