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I need help / Fault Tollerance Heap
« on: 2017-06-28, 07:48:33 »

"Windows enabled 'Fault Tolerant Heap' for 3dsmax or dependent processes. This may have severe performance impact on Corona. Please follow the link to learn how to solve the problem."

This information is listed in the help - I passed this on to our IT team as we have this message on every workstation and random crashes which means we are missing some of our deadlines. However - they told me that this is something the Corona team should be looking into as the FTH is there to help windows in these situations. It seems odd to me that any software would require changing system properties to work correctly?

Any insight into this would be much appreciated

I need help / Vexus
« on: 2017-03-27, 06:06:31 »
I am trying to build some render passes for Corona using Vexus and having a few issues. I would like to clarify 2 things and potentially use this thread to feed back to the community solutions/further questions.

1. Lightmix/Post process - I would like to have a different lightmix per camera - how do I call this function with maxscript? eg Cam01_Lightmix.conf & Cam01_Post.conf

2. Where can I find a reference to all Corona code functions so I can put this node in myself - and any further nodes that do not exist in Vexus yet? (Im not the best with any code but Im willing to try) Currently Im referencing these two sites but Im hoping theres more information somewhere:


I need help / No such file or directory
« on: 2016-05-10, 00:14:07 »
Ive had a sequence rendering for 24 hours, and not one single frame has output even though they only have 150pass limit. I keep getting this error on backburner.

I tried resending the job and deleting the elements path as It looked like from the asset tracker it was trying to save the elements there. This didnt work, as a test I tried delete all render elements (not really needed anyway for this pass) and it still wont render. It loads in the vfb, starts, but errors out along the way. Plenty of ram left, its only using 28gb of 64 so I should have enough. Anyone come across this issue?


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