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I need help / noise on lights switched off in lightmix
« on: 2018-08-28, 15:33:28 »

I was reading somewhere on this forum/freshdesk, that some noise can ocure if I switch some light off in lightmix...or that lights are stealing samples....
Examples in attachment.

Q1: why I got better result on light switched off in interactive rendering than in normal production rendering? I switched force path tracing off so it should be the same settings as production render with HD cache...

Q2: is there some workaround how to use lightmix when I want to make several night renders with light variations ON/OFF without noise? Or lightmix has some limitation and I can only change intensity and color, but set light off is not recommended?


if I convert all Bitmaps to CoronaBitmaps using corona converter and press render button, max immediately crash. I tested on two of my scenes.
Scenario 2: If I convert bitmap to cBitmap, then convert it back (cBitmap to Bitmap) and hit render crash, no issue.

I am sending scene via private uploader (1527232598_coronaBitmapCrash.rar).

Max 2018.4, corona1.7.4, corona converter 1.42


I have one editable poly object with 16 polygons/elements. When I set image distribution mode to per element or per face, it is not working. If I switch to scanline everything works as it should.
Do I something wrong??
video link

max 2014, corona 1.6.1, crossmap 1.4.9

I was trying new psycho sampler and I was surprised how fast it can clean up the noise. So I tested all samplers and choice  One-sample High-D, because it it clean up noise much faster than the default. I dont see any visual problems in interior and exterior daylight renders yet. Are there some disadvantages I dont know about?
And what ist the magic behind this sampler, why it clean noise much faster than default one?
What can be controlled in rendering process with random samplers?
Could we have another random sampler for test renders which will produces render with less correct GI(or fake GI) but almost noise free image after few passes ...something like vray with extremely low GI settings.

Too many questions :)) , but I hope will get answers on all of them. Thanks.


Corona 1.5, 1.6. I didn't test this on older releases, maybe this issue is here from the beginning.

General Discussion / corona home page is down?
« on: 2017-04-02, 09:32:41 »
Some trouble with home page?
Also I was not able to login on forum few hours ago.

There are many cases which cause restarting IR:
opening ME, going into submap, rollout some material section, switching between material slots
staying with mouse over some object in viewport to popup small hint with object name,
pressing keys Q, W,E,R
selecting object but don't move it

It is possible to have forest edge map properly working in render elements?
I need B/W mask from some objects with concrete material for postproduction.
My settings in attachment

Gallery / Building lands for houses
« on: 2016-05-10, 12:41:43 »
Project of four building lands for houses.
Here are 12 panoramas

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