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Hey guys,
We have prepared a little survey for you where we would like to get some answers on eternal questions like: Why do you use Corona Renderer or V-Ray, or both?

This survey is quite important for us as we would like to know our userbases for both products better. Then we can improve both software in a way which will serve its userbases the best.

You can find the survey here:

I will start the same tread on V-Ray forum.

Please also feel free to express your opinions and thoughts about Corona and V-Ray here, in this thread.

About this forum / Planned server maintenance - 10/08/2014
« on: 2014-08-09, 16:49:50 »
Hello everyone,
our website and forum will not be available for couple of hours tomorrow (10/08/2014). Starting around 1400GMT till 1700GMT.

We are upgrading our servers. After the update the forum should be faster and handle more users online than before

Thanks for the understanding

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