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Gallery / Corona Kid
« on: 2014-11-21, 11:40:34 »
A little render of a kid (character) done in Corona Alpha 6 a while ago. Not many Corona characters around so I thought it might be cool to post.

Courtesy Archydra.

You can actually grab this model for free here:

but it's vray model and the hands need to be flipped to make it like this.

I need help / Minimizing RAM usage, and large scenes..
« on: 2014-06-07, 16:01:38 »
Hi everybody, and Keymaster thanks for the great render!

I'm currently using corona for a relatively small interior scene. Long story short PT+HD 4300x3000, internal resolution at 2 and a few elements and corona exceeded some 24 gb of ram.
I managed to get it to ~10 gb by removing a few elements I don't really need that much and setting internal resolution to 1 (what is internal resolution, btw and does it affect quality/performance?).

I'm really hoping however to use corona for large exterior scenes, with lots of masks, elements and quite a lot of vegetation. So what would be the right way to do that? Is there a way to make a material shiny, but not actually reflective and would something like that even help minimize ram? 

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