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Work in Progress/Tests / Exercising Corona
« on: 2013-11-16, 20:24:02 »
c&c are welcome .. expecially how to reach less time but less noise also .. T__T
i use 3dsmax2014 with Alpha5 corona ..

Gallery / Flatten house
« on: 2013-10-27, 16:00:05 »
hai all, this is my first post, its just a non commercial scene, just to learn more about Corona, and this scene is my first time using Corona .. Honestly, this is is my old scene, rendered in mentalray, but i re-set it all from begining, and i am very surprised with Corona, because of the render time is so fast.
i hope u like it.
i use 3dsmax2014.
C&c are very welcome .. :)

General Discussion / option to disable shadow light
« on: 2013-10-24, 06:57:10 »
hai all .. i try to find about shadow light in this forum, but cant find it, but correct me if i wrong .. This time i want to ask, is there possible to add option on the corona light parameter to enable & disable shadow? just like what we have on the default 3dsmax light.
thanks before .. :)

General Discussion / xref scene not working?
« on: 2013-10-23, 21:33:02 »
hai all .. is there anybody using xref scene? usually for me, i use xref scene to put anoter high poly object (trees, envi, etc) to be xref-ed .. but when i render, it doesnt appear .. :)
please correct me if i am wrong :)

General Discussion / double whitepoint/kelvin
« on: 2013-10-23, 16:35:58 »
forgive if i post in the wrong thread .. just want to ask, when i activated "Devel/Debug" mode, there will be 2 numbers value for whitepoint and whitebalance, which i think this must be related in 1 value only, you can try to change both of them and you will get different result ..
please see my attached image .. maybe any suggestion from all of you here .. :)

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