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I need help / Help how to: Mango Juice Material
« on: 2014-07-24, 12:29:04 »
Hi all Corona users,
This is my first try to experiment render with corona, i am looking for a mango pulp juice material. I read on other 3d forums that material like this need Transluscent shader and adjusting the viscosity.

Attached reference photos, start render with corona, 3ds max files.


Hi, all
Yesterday i tried to experiment to render with Corona, and every thing is go ok. After i saved the file and coming this day to open there's an error message from Microsoft .NET Framework:

I have uninstall .net framework 4.5.1 then install again but the problem still exist, when i open any other 3ds max files without any corona rendering setting there no problem.

Windows 7 64bit
3ds Max 2015
Corona V7

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