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Corona for Maya - bugs / Opacity with CoronaLight
« on: 2015-04-23, 07:28:45 »
Hagg - does opacity work with CoronaLight? If not it could be a bug that is not yet on GitHub. THanks!

Thought I might share this, it is VERY early on script but it works for a lot of things (Phong, VRayMtl, VRayMtl2Sided, VRayLightMtl, Blinn, Lambert). I'm not sure I have the time to maintain this but it might be useful for someone to start.

There ARE bugs. :)

Execute it by using "maya2Corona" (without quotes) command

Gallery / Maya tests
« on: 2015-01-05, 07:44:25 »
Only at version .34 so far, but this is a very solid looking render and the most fun I've ever far

Here are some interior test scenes I've done recently. I did not model, they can be downloaded from 3dmodelfree, I'm just getting used to lighting with corona and setting up materials. Sorry about the noise, my test machine is a bit old. :(

Corona for Maya - bugs / .34 Buglist
« on: 2015-01-03, 00:47:23 »
- Greyscale jpgs are red (when plugged into diffuse channel of CoronaSurface)
- render doesn't match camera's film gate
- place2D node doesn't seem to support translate frame options?
- swatches are tinted blueish color now, also they are a little "blown out", especially when approaching .8 value in diffuse. 50% grey in the color swatch doesn't show a 50% grey material swatch in the Hypershade
- deleting a file node that is connected to a coronaSurface, deletes the file node as well as the coronaSurface material
- When connecting an ies file, the "file filter type" is wrong - I have to select show all types to find ies filetype, by default it is choosing image files
- manually loading of an image into the framebuffer beforehand (file open image) is erased when rendering...mental/vray/maya sw all keep this.
- Upon opening a new scene in Maya, corona will reuse the render from previous scene
- crash when changing test resolution (easiest to reproduce crash when changing resolution when opening a new scene before doing a render)
- Cameras in render settings should maybe be shape node name - ie perspShape should perhaps be instead persp. Maybe a bit subjective though this one. Not a big deal.

Other things i noticed was that lighting in Corona seem to be very arbitrary and not so straight forward. One factor when switching over from mental ray to V-Ray back in 2009 for me was the ability to setup a sun + sky and have the camera and lights work in real world units. This would make things very easy in rendering an interior because I could put IES files in and not have to worry about light levels, as I could work in lumens. It makes it easier and cuts down time spent on test renders.

At least to me, unfortunately it seems Corona is operating on multipliers and arbitrary numbers (sun, sky and artificial lights) - but I'm not sure if this is corona itself or if it is on the "to do list for Maya". In any case, having lumens or some similar for of light units would be very helpful.

I also think that IES solution in .34 is not as ideal as it could be. I think it would be very useful to have it's own gizmo like in V-Ray or 3DS Max where the gizmo changes to match the IES shape. It is a bit hard to work with current solution but I understand if it is perhaps only a temporary solution.

Overall thanks Haggi and Keymaster - from where this was a couple of months ago, I wouldn't be surprised to switch over to Corona for production interior renders in the coming months. It's actually pretty stable and it is very rare to come across a fatal crash. It's SO much easier, cleaner, solid and logical and artist friendly than any other renderer I've used. Great work.

Corona for Maya - bugs / Various .29 bugs
« on: 2014-11-08, 04:55:45 »
- When using 10x instances of something heavy (like trees) = 10x translation times, I think this may prove that instances may not be supported yet?
- Render view is not displaying in 32bit

- Selecting objects/faces in viewport, then right click and use Assign New Material > Corona Surface....Maya creates a new corona material, but fails to assign it.
- 3DS max Acceleration structure = Precise. Maya’s default is fast (with only option of Avx, so precise seems to be missing?) Maybe I've got this wrong but I thought I should mention it just in case.
- Time Limit of 60 seems to equal 1 minute and 31 seconds of rendering
- Number of threads changed to 7 in render settings, yet maya.exe during rendering is using 99% cpu.
- There are also a number of render setting discrepancies between 3DS Max and Maya. (Exit Color, Filter type, Sky color) I have uploaded presets for Corona render settings (which include corona sky defaults) but I'm not sure how useful it is :(

[Archive] Corona for Maya / First test with Maya
« on: 2014-10-31, 01:12:13 »
Pretty impressed so far. I think the gi solution is very natural and so easy to setup. Noisy, but if we throw some more power at it, I'm sure it'll clean up when distributed rendering comes along. But for now, even though this is very simple scene, it is easier to use than many other renders on such a scene and faster to get nicer results.

There is something odd going on with the daylight system too, I'm completely unable to get a nice clean, sharp shadow in such a scene like this with the coronaSun pointing indoors. I'll have a look more closely at some other settings but there is something strange going on.

Corona for Maya - bugs / Turbidity parameter
« on: 2014-10-28, 23:14:12 »
It seems when using the sun+sky model in Preetham mode, when the turbidity parameter is less than one, the sky disappears in Corona.

Maya 2015Ext1SP5
Corona .29

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