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I need help / Spherical camera / Backburner strips
« on: 2015-02-02, 10:20:38 »
Rendering my scene using a spherical camera went fine on lower resolutions, on higher resolutions it crashed so I set it up to render in 10 strips in Backburner, the render didn't crash overnight but it is rendering the complete panorama in every strip really stretched out instead of just rendering out parts of it.

Is this behaviour normal? And is there any way to render out a really high resolution panorama in parts?

I've attached the first strip of the panorama, all other strips look identical to this one.


I recently graduated from a game development course where I got interested in visualisation. Because of the high costs of 3DS Max I am now looking into using Blender together with Corona for commercial work. This project is a test case for me to see if it's doable to work in Blender while simultaneously testing out Corona. So far I absolutely love Corona, it's amazing how simple the process is compared to VRay while still giving lots of control.

I would love to get feedback on this image, it's still very much a WIP and I'm aware that the uvs on the right side of the wall are stretched.

Some points I would like to improve are the floor which to me looks too bland at the moment and lacks definition. Another thing that really bothers me are the straight parts of the pillars in the wall, those lines are way too perfect for a wall like that but I'm not really sure how to add more definition to those parts.

EDIT: For those that are interested rendering time is 36:06 for this image (1920x1080) with standard settings on an i5-2500. I have no idea if this is fast or slow or if it could be optimized in any way.

Kind Regards,

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