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Bug Reporting / Material Editor Slow with UVrandomizer
« on: Yesterday at 11:50:34 »

When i put CoronaUVrandomizer with multiSub material on losts of objects (here 650, with instances), the MaterialEditor becomes very laggy : each change of a param takes several seconds (10-15) to give hand back.

Also, the initial map is shown in viewport.


Bug Reporting / spots light with multimap
« on: 2019-08-12, 11:53:31 »
Hello there,
Not really a bug, more an annoying limitation :

I have several spots lights to place (standarts, to use nice volume Fx and directionality), in random flashy colors.
But putting a CoronaMultimap in the Map Prjector slot of the spot does not do the tric, whatever the mode i choose (logically "instance" mode)..

Any idea ?

Bug Reporting / 3dsmax Crash when merging scenes
« on: 2019-07-29, 14:30:32 »
Hi there,
Not really a bug, but an annoying behavior.

I'm used to have a Corona IR as my 4th viewport view.
And i DO have to think about to stop it before i drag&drop a max file to merge.
I understand that Corona does not espect for such changes in the polygons list, but if i don't stop IR first, 3dsmax hangs, then crash.
If it is normal that Corona can't handle new polys list when we merge a scene, maybe you could force the IR stop when you know that we are trying to open or merge a new scene ?

Best regards.

Bug Reporting / Please, report this problem to us.
« on: 2019-07-05, 16:32:57 »
Hello, here is a problem i'm asked to report.

I need help / Sending sampling mask to slave timed out
« on: 2019-06-12, 17:29:11 »
I have this error :

===== Error(-15) =====
Sending sampling mask to slaves timed out. Try to increase synchronization time or decrease maximum pixels per transfer.

What is it all about ? what settings are ok (default is 60s and 3000000 max pixels) ?


Feature requests / Is there any ram used log ?
« on: 2019-06-12, 17:05:07 »
Hello again,
With v3.2, when a render,node was running low in ram, i had some ram usage infos in the Corona Error Message popup, so i could see if my texture maps where far too bigs and so on.

The v4.0 seams not to give those infos anymore (see attached)

Maybe there is a log somewhere to find back the ram usage infos ?

Feature requests / Best viewing for rendernodes
« on: 2019-06-12, 17:01:56 »
the Distributed render is great, but i'd like to be able to see in once all the rendernodes.

Let me show you : (see attached picture)

Feature requests / To go further with "Set Focus"
« on: 2019-06-12, 15:54:23 »
Hello and congrats for v4.0 !

the "set focus" for depth is very usefull, but it could be made better :
Setting the focus on an object, i guess it uses the pivot point, so what about larges objects ?
Maybe a "set focus" mode would be better : with a precise point in the scene to focus on.

And even better, on the same way we can feather a region render, it would be great to have the apperture f/xx set with a few clicks : the main focus point and a range...


Feature requests / multiple Corona versions installed
« on: 2019-05-29, 16:02:03 »
I have a request : a way to co-install differents releases of Corona, so i can still produce my work safely, and i can test betas / RCs...

I could try betas and RC releases on another computer, but only my main one is very fast...
I'd like to be able to choose Corona 3.2 / 4.0 RC1 in the rendering settings dialog.

A bit like with Unreal Engine : you can have several versions installed so you can choose to test before switching.


Hello there,

I think i may have found a bug, for real !

Here is the situation : i've used a layered material and - for optimization purpose - the materials that are connected to it are rayswitch ones.
Of course, the raySwitch has the correct material in reflex / refrac / direct overrides, but a simplified one (dull color simple mat) in the Gi override.
The objects (and the preview) with layered material assigned are rendered with the direct look of the dull simple one, instead of the one plugged into the "direct override" slot.
See attached picture, the teapot should be shiny grey.

Also i've tried to put a mask (coronaColorMap) in the mask slot, to test : same issue.

Edit : Corona is 3 hotfix 2, tested with 3dsmax 2018.4 and 2019.3

Hello there,

I'm using Backburner for animation rendering with my 24-nodes small renderfarm.
I'm ok that it sends one frame on each server at a time, then send a new one after each finish.
But now i'm rendering a heavy scene, with a lot of vegatation(instanced and scattered proxies).
The "scene parsing" (Corona Render's first part) takes 2-3 minutes each frame, and this part would get benefit of sending several sequenced frames to each server :
instead of render frame01 to node1, frame02 to node2, it would be ok to send frame01-50 to node1, frame51-99 to node2 and so on.

There are 5k frames to render, so those 2-3mn per frame for doing the same thing is a lot of lost time : that could be kept in memory for the next frame, like if i've rendered full anim locally on my PC.

So my question is : is there any setting / param (in xml or prefs) to tell Backburner to force sending 50 frames at once to each server ?


Feature requests / Slider for some parameters
« on: 2019-04-02, 20:18:50 »
Hello there,
I've been to Corona Academy (proud mode : on), and i have the corona bible here.

But as my memory is poor, i always have to look for the "GI vs AA" way of setting the param.

I think a simple slider (going from 4 to 64 that are the min and max relevant values) would help :
AA : 4----------64 : Gi

Same comes for Speed vs accuracy...

Easy request, isn't it ?

I need help / heavy motion blur
« on: 2018-08-17, 14:59:53 »
Hello there,
I need to animate something like in this video :

So i've animated a rotation object, 2 turns in 25 frames, so very fast rotations, then i've set the motion blur for the camera for geometries.
Then i've set the shutter speed to low 5.0, and raised up the Mblur Transform segments to 100 (in render params).

I'm quite happy with the result, but it looks a bit too much as a slow flash photo (don't know the terms in english), so the geometry is blurred but the main silhouette is still visible / guessable...

Any idea ?

Resolved feature requests / Object visibility per camera.
« on: 2018-06-21, 15:02:05 »
Hello there !

I have a "simple" request : be able to set "visible to camera" in a per-camera basis, like we do for lights or masksElements...

My everyday work is some kitchens, bathrooms and so on, and i'm often asked to place a main camera and some zoomed ones.
Of course each time the zoomed one need some objects not to be seen (too close, in front of sight...)

I can use scene states, but it is often a pain.

Possible ?

I need help / distributed render on nodes, not on masterPC
« on: 2018-06-05, 09:25:36 »
Hello there,
I'de like to render across the network on slaves nodes using distributed render, but not on the main / master PC, so i can continue working on it.
Is there any way to do that ?

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