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Hi, it looks like everytime I open project RC2 overwrites camera settings. RC1, also freezed render queue after 10 secons of rendering.

Feature requests Cinema 4D - resolved / denoising and DR
« on: 2016-06-18, 13:50:14 »
Hi there, denoising feature will be great, distributed rendering and more corona shaders.

Hi there, I found that DOF camera effect is somehow boosted in A5 version and it does not work properly. I have tryed it in new project and also old one with same result.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / spherical camera
« on: 2016-02-04, 15:53:14 »
Hi, I want to ask if it's possible to switch to spherical camera in C4D Corona settings?

Gallery / interior renders
« on: 2015-11-06, 14:35:24 »
interior pictures made with Corona for C4D

Gallery / Juvet hotel
« on: 2015-09-16, 14:09:24 »
Hi, I want to show you guys couple of exterior renders made with Corona for C4D.

Gallery / interior visualizations - Corona for C4D
« on: 2015-08-11, 14:19:08 »
Hi there guys, I want to show you my latest job done with Corona for C4D.

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