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Resolved bugs / Weird Render Bug on FBX linked objects
« on: 2017-10-13, 17:38:25 »
This has been noticeable since the first 1.7 test I tried. Currently on RC8 for Max 2016. It seems to only show up on linked FBX files from Revit. Anyone have suggestions? PT has these glitches on different parts of the image than UHD but still noticeable. Doing these in UHD because it's easier to see the error.

General CG discussion / Batch Rendering Script
« on: 2017-06-08, 17:47:25 »
Does anyone know where or how to get a working batch rendering script so I could set up multiple max files overnight?

Work in Progress/Tests / Room for improvement
« on: 2015-12-23, 18:46:49 »
So I managed to convince my company to switch to Corona. I'm a bit new to the 3D/Architectural world but i'm picking things up fairly quick. Here are some renders that have been produced by our team. Any comments or critiques are welcome because we know we have much to improve regarding composition, lighting, materials etc... I think the only thing holding us back are the timeframes we need to have these ready by.

I need help / Rendering will not stop in DR.
« on: 2015-09-23, 19:54:28 »
Sorry if this has already been posted but short on time right now to go looking.

So here's the problem, DR finishes its pass limit/time limit but stays frozen on "Saving/Cleaning Up Scene". I can't stop the render at this point unless I close down 3dsmax completely. I would appreciate the help.

Recently started doing 3D work and with the help of corona renderer and these forums I ran some tests. Please point out the obvious mistakes because i've become addicted to corona and 3D art in general and would like to improve. Still trying to figure out God Rays so I put those in Photoshop.

Trees: Laubwerk Trial trees.
Followed Adanmq's amazing leaves material guide.
Used 3DS Max 14 passes at 600 DPI 11x17.

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