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For furniture company's we do a lot of bulk renders of products.
As example: we are now working on a product series consisting of 12 types. Each type has to be rendered in 6 angles and each angle has to be in 11 colors combinations. Totaling to 792 (similar) images.

At the moment we do this trough scene states and batch renders. But this is really time consuming as the are lot of different angles/products/materials.

So we are really looking for a workflow to make this easier, how do you approach these kind of projects?

Ideally I would be something with code/scripting where we can create a long script containing all different combinations (outside of 3ds max) and turn it on in one go.
That way we could also easely alter the code if something needs to be changes (what also can become quite the challenge with scene states and batch renders)
But other options are also welcome!

We have tried "bat" files. Be we keep struggling with the gamma property's (as 3DS max is programmed to 1.0 and corona uses 2.2)


I need help / Proxy material ??
« on: 2018-08-18, 09:00:54 »

Is it possible to create a proxy like material??
A method to make an "proxy" like material that automatically updateds throughout all files.

I have 100+ different files where I use the same materials.
Now it happens so now and then that a material gets updated (like client has different supplier that has a shinier finish). Now I need to open every file to update the material, or remember really good with file I have and haven't updated.


Gallery / Some nice gentlemen shoes
« on: 2018-02-17, 09:20:56 »
A personal project that went a bit out of hand :)

I need help / Waterdrop animation?
« on: 2017-11-02, 09:26:52 »

I've been ask to make an animation with a part where a single water drop falls into a glass.
They want something that looks like the animation below.

Is this possible and how would you do this?

Thanks :)

Gallery / Popsicle
« on: 2017-05-31, 10:55:17 »
Someone fancy's a cool Popsicle with this warm weather?! At least warm over here

A small spare time project :)

General Discussion / Shadowcatcher mtl giving light?
« on: 2017-04-06, 22:33:50 »

For product shots I often use a HDRI with a (corona color) Shadowcatcher ground for the shadow on a plain background. Because of the great control of background color.

I noticed something strange, did some tests and it looks like the shadowcatcher mtl gives light??
I have no idea for how long this is, but it doesn't look good..

What are your thoughts on it, or does someone has a solution?

Attached a simple scene with a shadowcatcher ground, a basic corona mtl ground and my results.


On one of my render notes I have to re-enter my corona license sometimes up to 10 times a day.
Does someone knows a solution so that that computer will remember my license?

I already have reinstalled 3DS Max and corona, but it didn't solve it. Next step would be a full clean install of windows.


General Discussion / Color scheme map plugin
« on: 2016-11-23, 11:32:40 »
Hi everybody,

I work for a company that uses multiple color scheme's for products, like the RAL Palette.
Sigerstudio used to have a free RAL Color plugin for 3DS Max, witch I still use a lot, where you have a map for in the diffuse slot where you can choose witch color you want and it uses that RGB Code, see attachment.

Now is my question: does somebody know a way to create something like that, on your own, but with different color schemes?


General Discussion / Image filtering
« on: 2016-10-27, 11:12:09 »

In the system tap of Corona you have the option to choose different Image Filter Types.
I can't find a explanation of the types and what the difference is between them.
Does someone maybe have a file or knows the characteristics of each Filter Type?

Otherwise I will test them all in the coming days, and share my findings with you.


I need help / shadow catcher and corona light
« on: 2016-10-26, 22:46:38 »

I often use a plain light grey background with a shadow catcher material plane to create a catalog like render of a product. A plain background with shadow from the product.
For lightning I use a HDRI and if necessary an extra corona light.
With this method you reduce rendertime, beceause there is less background to render.

As far as I can remember I didn't had any problems with this method before v1.5. But now when I add a corona light the shadow catcher plane gets darker than the background.
If the corona light is turned off the transition from background to shadow catcher plane is smooth.

In the attachment my scene.

Does somebody know a solution?


General Discussion / Release 1.5 news?
« on: 2016-09-19, 10:05:36 »

I'm wondering if there is any news/information on the release date of Corona Render 1.5?

The new options and effects in the frame buffer would make a huge difference on a project where i'm currently working on.
Lots of bulk renders. And it's undo-able to do beautification-post on them, it would be way to error prone in a Photoshop action batch.

So I would love to tell my client that with a new update it would be possible to do some beautification, if it would release before the deadline of the project of course.
Or is the Daily build already so error prove that I can use it as main render engine?


General CG discussion / NAS vs Cloud
« on: 2016-03-04, 14:19:38 »

I'm doubting between investing in a NAS or getting a Cloud subscription.
They both have there pro's and con's.

With NAS you can have a lot of storage but it is also expensive. And if the building burns down or someone steals it, your files are gone.

With a Cloud subscription you get less storage but it's a lot cheaper (1TB for like 7 euros), and your files are safe! But they are stored on someone else there machines. And if you have a small render farm you every node needs a hdd where it can store the files, it goes over the internet so its also slower than a NAS.

What do you guys use and why?


Off-Topic / Copyright
« on: 2015-09-21, 09:54:53 »

I have a question about copyright.

Can I upload renders of for example a Ferrari, iphone or some furniture to my website/portfolio or do I need to keep account to some kind of copyright law?
May the logo’s be visible of should the overall shape be different?

I really want to expend my portfolio by making some high quality (advertising) renders of known products, but I don’t want to get in trouble.

How do you guys do this?

Also I see some people sell 3D models of products (cars for example). How does this work? Because now they make money of it?

I need help / Felt Chair
« on: 2015-07-18, 17:03:19 »

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