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I need help / Batch Editing CXRs - denoise only selected
« on: 2019-09-26, 18:55:50 »
Hi guys,

Is it possible to program the cxr batch file to do the denoising only on chosen Lights ( lightselect )?
Is it possible to save not all, but only a selection of render elements?

Thank you in advance!

Hi guys,

i was wondering how to batch denoise a CXR image sequence (for an animation). Since Corona 4, the batch of NVIDIA FAST DENOISE doesn't work ( the INTEL CPU AI neither ).
With corona 3, everything worked as hell...

The last 3 lines of my edited lightmix.txt for the batch:

   Float denoise.blendAmount      = 1
   Int denoise.filterType      = NVIDIA CPU AI       // -- or INTEL CPU AI   --//
   Float denoise.sensitivity      = 1

In render setup/ scene/ denoising/ mode : i left it on NVIDIA FAST DENOISE ( as before with corona 3, it worked! ) and didn't change for "later for gather data".

Any idea ?

Thank you guys!


General Discussion / NVIDIA FAST DENOISE standalone
« on: 2019-03-23, 23:01:49 »
Hi guys,

I was wondering, if there's any way to use the amazing NVIDIA fast denoise in some kind of "standalone" mode? Like in postprod?
We found NVIDIA denoise much more "useful" and esthetic than the high res denoise even if it isn't that precise, but unfortunately the renderfarm we are using doesn't support fast denoise, only the HQ...



I need help / VRAYPATTERN or similar?
« on: 2019-01-23, 18:44:02 »
Hi guys,

im reaching out for help...actually working on a project, and would need to have a quite specific pattern (quite big so only displacement is not enough.. ) on a quite complicated and big surface.
I was wondering if vraypattern still works ( was an amazing plugin !! ), if it is compatible with corona render


if you know about any technique or plugin similar to vray pattern  ( railclone is nice, but i have a lot of holes quite randomly on my surface .... )

Any idea?

Hi guys,

First of all, VV Corona 3 !! The real time denoising stuff is amazing!!

I had just one issue, placing my first corona scatters....
It seems that the new Cscatter uses the original scale( 100 / 100 / 100 ) and rotation (0/0/0) of the distributed objects so i can not change any more the size of my scattered objects direclty by scaling the original one, i have to enter in sub poly mode and change directly in the sub object.
It means also that if im using Cproxies, and want to rescale one of them in my scatter i have to reexport a new proxy?? not so efficient...

Im the only one having this problem, it is normal ?

Gallery / Kentucky Owl Park
« on: 2018-11-22, 12:42:40 »
Hi guys,

This is our first post here with our latest animation for Shigeru Ban architects for a whiskey destillery :)

Rendered in corona of course,
substance painter, speedtree was used in 3D,
after effects for postproduction,

Any c&c are very welcome!
Thank you,

Tamàs & Carlotta

and some stills:

Hi guys,

I have a biiig problem. I'm working on an animation project, and just rendered 200 frames out of it with UHD cache, animtaion (flicker free ) preset ( 'cause i have trees, naps, lights moving in the scene ) and i have got totally randomly thirteen frames ( of the 200 ) which came out black, or almost black - see attached...
I have tried to render one frame with HD cache, and got no problem(but cannot re-render all with HD cache, cause flickering...)

Have you ever seen this? What can be the problem?
Thanks in advance!

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