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Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Corona Sun Bug !
« on: 2019-12-12, 23:02:20 »
Hey Guys,
there is a really anoying bug with corona sun...
As you have p.e. some sun/sky setups in your scene and also some hdri setups because you want to try different light mutes during the job and you organize them trough a take system (can u follow?), it can happen that it runs lucky for a while, but suddenly one of your sun objects ´thinks´to switch - ON !
Untill i recognized what went wrong it took me a couple of hours last night to finish the job... please dont give sun objects their own will to shine !?
Has anyone else got problems like this ?

I need help Cinema 4D / NVIDIA Denoiser is not running
« on: 2019-11-29, 10:53:57 »
Heyho, is Corona NVIDIA Denoiser supporting my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 ?

Hey out there,
would it be possible to include things behind transparent materials to the Alpha Channels !?
i know that this is possible within other renderers, so why not in Corona ?
Please, that would be so helpfull...


Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / R21 - Node Spaces
« on: 2019-08-10, 16:55:11 »
does anybody understand the new announced ´Node Spaces´ in c4d R21 !?
Will we be able to use c4d´s node editor with corona than ?

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Bug with Corona Shared Node
« on: 2019-07-20, 17:17:09 »
i think there is a bug with corona-shared-node when its loaded to c4ds layered- or filter-shader p.e. !
If so, the interactive renderer is not updating properly when changing any values.
Also, as i mentioned in a post before, the texture manager cant find any textures when using corona-shared-node.

best regards,

Hi Guys,
i really love the new corona node editor (a feature i long waited for) !
A big problem is although the texture manager can´t ´look´through the corona shared node which is produced in a c4d material slot.
That makes it really hard to use node based materials for me because i have to relink projects and textures a lot during my workflow.
Do you think you will fix this problem in future ?
Do you think you will switch over to c4d´s new node system ?

Hey Buddies,
in the corona sun object there is a hook called ´textured´ under the view size slot. What is it there for ? How can i use it ?

thx guys

Hey Guys,
one of the most things i´m really missing in Corona is a solution for Alphamasks behind transparent materials like glas !
it would be awesome if you could select stuff behind transparency over multipasses in an alphachannel !

Don´t you think that could be possible ?
For now i couldn´t find anything like this ore a way to easily do it exept render again without p.e. windows... ?

Hi Guys,
is there a possibility in corona to mask objects behind a refractive material like glas ?

Hi Guys,
i get these strange double reflections with refractive materials like glas, when i decrease the glossiness value in the reflection channel below 1 p.e. to 0,99 or if i load in a texture which is not absolutely white, some noise p.e. . The thinner the object the stronger the effect gets !
Is that right in corona for c4d or is this a bug ? Some friend told me in corona for max it´s not like that !
I never saw this behavior in reality, so please see the example pics or check my testscene for a better understanding !
Looking forward to your responds...
THX and cheers guys

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