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Hello there,

I'm trying to do a clay render of a small interior with material override and excluding the light portal geometry from the overriding, but I just get a black render (that's the only opening).

The portal is a simple plane full covering the wall hole from outside.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / HDRI Illumination
« on: 2016-11-11, 01:02:38 »
Hi there,

I read a few days ago in this forum how to light up a scene with HDRIs.

I just installed RC A6.2 and something seems to have changed (or maybe I'm doing something wrong)

They "way" is still to put the HDRI into the diffuse channel (and if needed use the c4d filter to play with gamma) and apply it to a C4D sky object? Not a Corona Sky, not a Physical Sky?



Hi there,

I found a bug (I guess) concerning compositing tag: if you deselect "cast shadows" the object casts shadows anyway.

Seen/not seen in reflections is working.

Hi there,

After saving an image in the picture viewer and rendering another image... the previous one (the saved one) changes brightness completely in the picture viewer, or gamma value (honestly I don't know).


It happens also without saving, the brightness gets ALWAYS reduced. It happens on R16 and R17


It happens every time I change the exposition settings of the camera tag, it Corona viewer or Picture viewer.


i guess I've understood. Picture Viewer applies (every time it gets open) to the images the render settings' exposition parameters instead of the camera tag's parameters.

Alpha cutout masks was my fault :) It was about sun size.

I'm experiencing problems with displacement. Here it has to be a 3cm displacement and it's not creating a good effect.

I tried with 20cmx20cm subdivision and 10cmx10cm subdivision. It's the same. With almost no subdivisions it was a bit worse.

Vray is working perfectly with 20cm x 20cm, Advanced Render too (both with subdivision settings inside the material). Octane needs no subdivisions. Same map of course

Now I tried with 2cm x 2cm polygons subdivision and it's better. With 1cm x 1cm subdivision it's almost perfect. But it's crazy to subdivide a real world scene into 1cmx1cm polygons to get a good displacement. I guess we need material subdivisions too :)

I can't see the texture loaded in the material preview, but I see on an object when I apply the material.

Looks like a bug...

Does Alpha v5.1 support this?

I'm getting a full geometry shadow against the wall and not the alpha-cutted shadows.

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