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I had 2 weeks break from C4D. Now I returned and every time I am using cloner in different files (including new one), if I will clone for example grass on the same surface like Grass 01, Grass 02, Grass 03, they will all have an offset beside first Cloner. What the hell? It does not matter if I will clone existing Cloner with proper position of the grass or create a new one. This is the first time it is happening in C4D for me...

Do you know what is going on?


Why does the fog not appear in the reflection of the window?


There is a bug in latest June edition of Corona for C4D. When I render corona proxies via Cloner and Mutli-Instances, I get result with no textures. But when I turn on Render Instances instead, Corona is rendering textures as they should be. This is wrong, right? (see attachments)

Feature requests ARCHICAD / MacOS version.
« on: 2018-11-16, 14:33:27 »
MacOS version.

Hi guys,

I was just wondering - if I have a tree with a translucency map, should I put into the Corona materiał under Translucency under:

[ ] Texture below Fraction
[ ] Texture below Color?

If below the Color, should I leave Fraction by default (50%)?

Hi guys!

So I have been working recently on a visualisation where the client wanted to put more or less this HAY's carpet:

The model on 3dsky was terrible so I decided to make one from scratch. I made it to look like this:

Cloner with sphere + hairs from two planes (in the middle of a section of the top spheres and second one in the middle of a section of the lower spheres).

But this look a bit lame. Moreover, when I tried to use it in my scene, it looked, in my opinion, really bad:

Moreover, it is rendering for incredibly long time.

So my question to you guys is:

  • How would you do this carpet?
  • How would you make the "cozy/fluffy hair" (standing out sometimes - this is not a fully fluffy carpt!) effect?
  • How do you approach this kind of things when it comes to wool materials?

I was wondering if we can all together come to some solution and share it as an example file in this thread so everybody can use it :).


I was wondering if there could be a separate section in the gallery for works from different Coronas (3ds Max and C4D). Since it might mislead some people who want to get one of most realistic effects from 3ds Max which might never look so realistic when done in C4D.

What do you think about it?

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / HDRI light level
« on: 2017-08-27, 09:19:18 »

I am wondering if it is possible to "power up" the light emission from HDRI in C4D. I tried with filter but everything above 0% is giving less light.

Hi, I wanted to create thread where everybody can ask questions regarding how to change things in the scene and how to do it to achieve more realistic effects in Corona for C4D.

So I will start with my problems - those scenes look like "typical" result from Corona. Nothing too fancy though. I think it is a matter of light or something that it is looking not too realistic. What am I missing?

Lights: one HDRI.

As in the the topic title. This is the situation:


i am trying to "add to queue" method in C4D but the program does not render the cameras. How are you guys doing this? :)


I was wondering how are you dealing with large amount of grass in your scenes? So far I could hide the "second plan" easly to cheat that there is a 3d grass there and put the best 3D grass in the foreground. It didn't take that much time and memory.

However now I am dealing with my diploma. I have the terrain with huge amount of dunes. I am prepearing now just the terrain, without the building. So for example this results almost made my Mac explode. It took 40-50GB of storage space to handle it.

I tried now pure C4D's hair. But this simple hill object with hair (simplyfied one!) is taking 15GB of storage.

The reason for having it is that there will be a lot of renderings from many sides and also the grass will be in the reflection of the glass.

What is you method of dealing with it?

Topic regarding other Corona for C4D matters.

From me - have you seen Today official tutorials for new vRay for C4D 3.4? To be honest all of them are making the work of preparing the textures and other stuff way longer :/. Instead of making it all more simple they are making it more and more complex. This is where in my opinion Corona stands out. First real competitor for vRay that in 2 years became actually better than vRay. The most important aspect IMHO is the simplicity of Corona. How much faster our workflow has become.

I mean as an ex-vRay user I feel sorry to be honest. Because good competitors are making each company to make better products. And with vRay 3.4 I feel like Corona team has nothing to worry about, but that is just my opinion :).

Hi, I have a problem that I see triangle meshes in rendering on the surface of my material. What to do? I'm attaching image of the problem.


is it possible to use right now distributed rendering / teamrender with Corona? If yes then is it possible to combine Corona for C4D for Mac and Windows together?

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