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I need help / Light material intensity capped
« on: 2019-07-22, 18:36:24 »
Is there a way to increase Corona Light Material intensity above 10,000?

It was my understanding that light material should be interchangeable with a Corona Light, which can be set to 999,999

Someone is bound to say I shouldn't need so high, but I'm often prototyping lighting products where I need to model LED sources to scale, i.e 1-2mm, sometimes smaller, and sometimes you just need a stupid high number to get the right result.

Any ideas?

Feature requests / Caustics implementation in VFB
« on: 2019-07-16, 13:11:11 »
I am loving the new caustics, but it would be even better if we could toggle the effect on/off in VFB, in the same manner as Bloom&Glare.

Currently I find it more practical to set caustics to render only in element because it can often produce splotches/fireflys that need a lot longer to resolve. This means then opening in photoshop to add the caustics, which is yet another step.

In addition, being able to adjust it in the LightMix panel along with other light sources would make sense.

Hope that's all clear.


Resolved bugs / Fast preview denoising freeze crash
« on: 2019-06-14, 11:19:36 »
This option will freeze and crash my 3ds max without fail since it was introduced as my GFX isn't new enough.
Some warnings do pop up but crashing is unavoidable by that point, so this feels like a bug.

Obviously I have it turned off for maxstart, however any old file I open will have this feature enabled and it's an easy thing to overlook.

Could this be disabled by default or could corona perform some sort of check on GFX and at least warn you if it's non-compatible before attempting to render?


Windows 7
Max 2019
Corona 4
Geforce gtx 770

Really like the new preserve feature of material override but it doesn't consider materials in a multi/sub-object setup.

For instance I have a multi/sub with all window/glazing materials and a window modelled with a sweep with materials assigned by section ID, and this does not work.

Hope that makes sense.

I need help / Camera lens distortion
« on: 2018-07-11, 17:02:08 »
Please could someone explain how the custom lens distortion works?

This is the tooltip:
Distortion based on custom texmap, using red component to map X values and green component to map Y values. Blue component of the texmap is ignored.


Jobs / Haberdashery - 3d visualiser position
« on: 2018-06-20, 15:58:51 »
Haberdashery London are an east London based consultancy who converge art, design and technology. We make lighting based sculptures, products and experiences for a range of high profile clients.
Haberdashery pride ourselves on our staff retention and we are always looking for exciting and diverse talent to join our expanding studio.
Job Location: East London
Post Title: Junior 3D Visualiser (full time)
The responsibility of a Junior Visualiser is to effectively translate sketches and ideas into high quality 3D visuals with real world parameters. You will need to work effectively in a team composed of Senior, Mid and Junior designers. Taking direction from the senior team members you will have the opportunity to inform the direction of the design and the implications of alternatives through your visualisations.
We are designers and manufacturers, this is an opportunity for you to see the visuals you will be helping to create become finished products, you will be a part of an essential step in our process from Client brief to manufacture.
Required experience / Technical requirements – these should be demonstrated in your portfolio:
1+ years experience in the following areas (we will also consider recent graduates based on quality of work):
Excellent 3D modelling and rendering skills
Good Adobe Creative Suite skills (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.)
Familiarity with CAD drawings / Knowledge of AutoCAD a bonus
Good working knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Corona / V-RAY or similar
Working knowledge of Rhino
Grasshopper a bonus
Knowledge of the following would be a bonus:
A good eye for visual composition
Experience in architectural visualisation a bonus
Key Responsibilities will include:
Ability to take direction and to interpret client briefs
Clear and professional written and oral communication
Create high quality visualisations and presentation graphics
Model, render and post-produce CGI stills and occasional animations

Project management:
Manage your time so your work is delivered on schedule and within time constraints.
Manage your tasks thoroughly and effectively,

Portfolio guidance:
Portfolios should contain no more than 25 pages. We are looking for quality not quantity.
Your portfolio should demonstrate the following:
Interior and/or exterior rendering that you have created
Modelling skills
A consistency of style and standard
For each page in your portfolio, please state clearly what programmes were used, what your responsibility was and how long it took.
If applicable we would like to see work created both for clients and for personal interest

If interested please email with cover letter, CV and portfolio to:

Please could we have a checkbox in the main LightMix element to denoise 'Rest (unassigned)'

Currently any light not assigned a LightMix element will fall into the 'Rest (unassigned)' category and will not receive any denoising.

Besides making sure you have denoising applied to everything, it would also mean that any self illuminated materials also get denoising. At the moment you cannot add a self illuminated material to LightMix (separate request!).

Bug Reporting / animation, random frames with faulty noise
« on: 2018-05-10, 15:57:24 »
Hi guys,
I'm rendering an animation and am coming up with this bug fairly consistantly.

Most frames are fine but every now and then a random frame will not denoise properly, or rather it hasn't rendered to the same noise limit.
You can notice the diference in quality in the .cxr before denoise.
See attached images of consecutive frames, both after full denoising at 1.0

Here's what I'm doing:

max 2018 with corona 1.7.4
Noise level limit set to 4.0
Set to gather data for later
Frames auto save as .cxr
Rendering at 720x1280 frames are taking under 1 minute
Then running the batch script to denoise at 1.0, set post settings + save as .PNG

If I re-run the render for the problem frame it will fix it, but this can take a while, for example a previous test animation had 10 frames in 100 at random points that needed rendering again.

This feels like a bug but maybe I am missing something?

Will set this to -1 or -2 while doing test renders in the background and inbetween renders it will intermittently go back to default 0, slowing everything down.
Have noticed this behaviour for a few builds now, it's not a major thing, just a bit annoying when everything slows right down and you have to check the settings inbetween every render.

max 2018, corona 1.7.3

I've just noticed that all materials in my scene with the alpha mode set to 'always black' have also made that portion of the lightmix render elements black in the outputed .EXR (opened in photoshop). I hope that makes sense.
Is this an expected behaviour?


ps. corona 1.5.2, max 2017 u1

I need help / Proxy display as pointcloud
« on: 2016-12-02, 13:07:19 »
When I select this option nothing shows, at any % displayed. All else works as expected.

Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

3dsmax 2017 update1 + corona 1.5 hotfix2


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