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Work in Progress/Tests / Wip's n sh*t ;)
« on: 2018-09-21, 22:34:59 »
A collection of renders, wips, tests and all things C4D.

Exclude box or render tag for ignoring bloom and glare on certain lights/materials/objects.

Gallery / The Pond
« on: 2018-07-06, 22:49:08 »
Created with Cinema 4D, rendered with the obvious.

It would be nice to have materials supported for the material override include/exclude list. Good for working with material selection tags and saving the user to "split" the geometry in order for them to add it to the list. ;)

So I'm deliberately trying to generate fireflies for an article and after installing the latest db, I'm getting a day for night type render. Yet, with fireflies. All mats are loaded including the HDRI. The vfb has no exposure change that might underexpose it. Kinda strange...I'll upload the scene shortly.

With IR running, using the undo command after making changes to a material will set it to default grey. The solution, restart the IR. Vid link attached.!geIx0BAY!1tnJ72h5-CEEdY_jSpDkqxUYw_YlS4MlNKazYhSe0nk

Saved layered materials loaded from the content browser open up with empty slots.

Corona Sun and Corona Light temperatures and color don't keyframe.

The Setup Interactive LightMix button excludes the Sky object from being added. Tested in B2 daily Apr 19

Learner's Corner / Dental Dunny - My 1st Max render ;)
« on: 2018-05-05, 10:20:25 »
Coming from C4D I thought I would have a try of 3ds Max.

Hi guys,

As you know there is no official user manual for Corona/C4D and that we have been putting together helpdesk guides for some time now. What we would like to know is what sort of articles mean the most to you? In what area's do you need clarification? When it comes to video tutorials, what would you find beneficial?

Gallery / Longchair - Marcel Breuer
« on: 2018-03-04, 17:08:18 »
My rendition of Marcel Breuer's "longchair".
Modeled in Moi3D - Texture/Lighting Cinema4D/Corona Beta 1.

Gallery / Lazy Saturday render
« on: 2018-03-03, 16:16:26 »
Cinema 4D R18 & Corona Beta 1

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / Material won't update
« on: 2018-02-25, 12:32:29 »
I've attached a vid for you. Basically the c4d material isn't changing when different projection modes are being used. The scaling and offset also seems to have no effect. Although this vid shows the bump channel being used, the same issue applies for other channels ie: diffuse. I've also read that other users are having this issue with the materials on another forum.

With that said however, If i'm to use a texture/image for a channel, that projects as it should.

I'm running the Feb 5th Beta because the latest doesn't render in the IR (as mentioned in another post). I'm attaching my test scene.


I installed the latest beta release a few days ago and my IR window renders black. Preview and final renders are normal. I switched back to the Feb 5th release and all is good with that one. Bug report attached.


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