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Gallery / Star Trek TMP Enterprise
« on: 2019-08-16, 18:00:52 »
Hey everyone,

This is my model of the starship Enterprise from Star Trek the Motion Picture. I built it in 3ds Max and rendered it with Corona 3 Hotfix 2. Creating the pearlescent materials for this was a challenge, but Corona made it really fun and enjoyable. Please let me know what you think. Thanks for looking!

I need help / [solved] Corona Light Casts Shadow
« on: 2019-06-30, 02:39:14 »
Hello. I'm working on a scene with a bright HDRI map, and it's making the Corona Light cast a shadow. Is there any way to disable this? I'm using 3ds Max 2019 and Corona 3 Hotfix 2. Thanks!

I need help / Corona Fractal
« on: 2017-11-11, 05:32:37 »
Hey everyone,

I'm experimenting with Corona Fractal, namely the Mandelbox. Could someone explain the different parameters to me? Also is there any way to convert this into a high-poly mesh. Thanks!

Hardware / Please Help Me Build a Workstation!
« on: 2017-11-09, 23:23:58 »
Hello, fellow Coronauts!

I'm looking to build a new workstation to replace my aging gaming computer that I am currently using. I'd like to stay away from Xeon processors due to cost, but I'd be up for Core i9 or Ryzen (depending on which is better). Since Corona is CPU based, I won't go too crazy with the GPU (probably a GeForce 1060). I'd like to start with 64GB of RAM and expand it to 128 at some point in the future. Also a PCIE SSD (at least for the boot drive) is a must. I figure I'd turn to this forum to hear what the experts have to say. Thanks!

Gallery / Icodyne Finished Work
« on: 2017-01-24, 03:42:37 »
Hey everyone. This is the thread for all of my finished work. Criticism and comments are welcome. Thanks for viewing!

Work in Progress/Tests / Icodyne WIPs
« on: 2016-11-13, 21:31:29 »
Hello, Everyone!

I'm a new Corona user looking to get into ArchViz. This thread is for my WIPs and any questions I may have. Comments and criticism are always welcome. Enjoy and thanks for viewing!

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