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Hi All,

I am wondering if someone can give some insight into how the UHD Cache functions...  I have a scene that I need to render a handful of cameras.  For this particular project, I need to pre-render a UHD Cache and use the stored cache for rendering.  Do I need to render a unique cache for each camera, or does the cache contain the secondary light solver for the entire scene?

Hopefully, that makes sense.


General Discussion / ELI5 Glossy Reflection
« on: 2018-04-12, 17:45:10 »

Explain like I am 5 glossy reflection... 

I recently added a bit of glossiness to my reflection and it made the reflection not behave predictably.  It made the reflection appear as though there was refraction issue with the glass.  After digging around a bit I found out that enabling caustic reflection or enabling this glass option fixes the issue glossy reflection issue.  Can someone shed light on this?  Is this a bug or a feature?  Because it feels like a bug to me.

Resolved feature requests / Glass Mattes
« on: 2016-12-30, 03:35:45 »

Is it possible to have a glass material present in a matte, and have an object behind the glass material present in the matte?

Below is a simple Corona rendering with the matching matte passes.  The first image in the Corona series is the base setup with the glass object visible to the pass, and the second is the result with the "Visible in masks" un-ticked. 

The second attached image is a Vray matte pass with the "Affect channels" set to "All channels."  Doing this allows me to have a good matte for the both the glass, and the objects behind the glass in one pass.

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