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I need help / CoronaCamera culling in CoronaScatter
« on: 2018-04-21, 09:52:00 »
Hey guys!
I have a really huge field with different type of grass(~10),leaves etc..which was scattered with CoronaScatter..And i was wondering may i optimize it..So i found romullus post
It was like 3 years ago,so may be we already have a new method to make something like this..I mean without map,cuz i'm already using VertexPaint map for density to mix grass..
So any suggestions?
I know that the Forest Pack has this kind of feature..But..i dont wanna buy it just because of  that..I'm fully satisfied by CoronaScatter..except this cool feature :)

Looking forward,

Gallery / Swedish Interior
« on: 2018-02-27, 20:28:15 »
Swedish Interior

Digital re-creation. Based on already existing photographs

You can check Behance page to see more renders and free models

That's my first post here,really happy to join Coronauts family:)


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