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I just now started to use c4d r21 as well with the new corona render 5. Strange enough is that all files that were made in previous versions of both c4dr21 and corona 4 now when opened with c4dr21 and corona 5 displays a "extra" render attribute... the Software openGL?
I tested rendering with that option on and off and the results are the same. Does anyone knows what that option stands for?

Thank you

Hello :)

This might be a very silly question...but, Where do I find the shadowcatcher illuminator in a light object?

I know where it is in a light material, but cant seem to find it in a light object. Is there such option in corona for c4d?

Thank you

Hello I would like to know if it is possible to use team render with windows and Mac together as clients.

I had some issues in the past with lighting as described in this here

Had anyone tested or have a team render setup with cross platform OS?

Thank you, best


I am trying to extract the shadow pass as it is when I render the final image, by using multpass shadow. But, the results are not the same am I doing something wrong?

What I am trying to do is... when I render the image I cut the desired objects with a alpha mask (so that I after can introduce any king of BG) and then insert the shadow pass, but the shadow pass comes out grainy and not as expected (at least to me).

The only way I could achieve a comparable look in the shadows was by disabling seen by camera on the objects and then use a pure white floor and render as a normal render image. This way the shadows are as I expect them and can be used for composite.

Here's some images and the file I am using for the test, am I missing something?

Thank you in advance :)


Hello everyone! :)

Does anyone else noticed that the bump channel now does not support layers?
In the past I have stacked layers of different bump noises or different images through layers texture, multiply, add, etc... and now when I add a layer into the texture field the bump effect disappears.
Is this a known issue after the new "Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3)"? Before that was working!

Edit: I am on Version: 3 hotfix 1 (core 3)

Thank you ;)


I would like to know if there is a way to create a alpha mask with transparency like the ones we get in physical render.
Have a look at the demo image I rendered with physical.

If there is a way, how can I get the same output?

Thank you

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / teamrender multiplying light issue
« on: 2019-01-30, 14:16:47 »
Hello everyone!

There seems to be a issue/bug regarding the corona light object and team render.
This is what it happens. If I render a image without teamrender the result is as expected. Then in teamrender it looks like the light is multiplied by the clients or some other weird stuff happening.
See the images so that you can have a better understanding of what I am trying to say.


Hi everyone.

I've noticed a consistent crash after I create a material with displacement and add AO to the layer list.
So, what I am doing is as follow. I go to texture add  layer, then go to shader and add a noise, then after that I go again to shader and add a corona AO. Every time I add that shader c4d crashes.

Is this a limitation, bug or is still a work in progress?

Thank you

Hello everyone

So, I am having a bit of a issue trying to figure out how can I remove a light reflection from the floor and leave it on other objects. Let me try to explain the issue.

I am using a Image / backplate as BG and want to add a certain objects to it. In order to catch shadows and reflection into the floor I added a plane with a shadow catcher material, so far everything worked as planed.
The issue starts when I try to light the object with corona lights... I just want the lights reflection affecting the 3D added objects not the floor. I tried to exclude the reflection of the light into the floor by using the exclude tab and nothing... still appears. Tried to uncheck the seen by reflections but obviously removes it in all objects.

So basically what I wanted to know is if there is a way to remove the light reflection from the floor and not on the other objects?

Thank you,


Hello everyone

I am having a bit of a problem solving this one. Dont know what is causing this... have a look at the image and files attached. If rendered with c4d render the look is as it should, corona looks like is messing the phongs shading.
This never occurred to me it's kind of weird.

thank you

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Fast Render passes
« on: 2017-10-20, 18:08:38 »
Hi everyone

Is there a good and fast way to output render passes such as object buffers, IDs/masks, zdepth, basically any pass that dont need light calculation or materials? Rendering out in ""full mode" is kind of too much time.
In c4d I used to delete all materials and lights/GI to render those passes in a breeze. Is there a similar workflow in Corona?

Thanks in advance


First of all great work on the render engine, its really impressive and easy to use. Thumbs up!

I am trying to integrate 3D into backplates using a usual workflow (HDRi for lighting or HDRi + sun light) nothing fancy just testing out corona's capabilities.
I found that if I want to tweak light or camera EV to adjust my lighting only in my 3d objects I cant do it without also affecting the background environment  (backplate/hdri).

In my example I have a sky with HDRi as my IBL and reflections source, use backplate as my BG, a plane floor with my BG assigned as a frontal texture to cast shadows. Every time I tweak Light or EV all scene is affected, I tried corona compositing tag without any success.
Am I missing something here? Is there a work around?

Thank you

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