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General Discussion / Move on from Corona to Vray
« on: 2019-11-16, 11:59:40 »
I hate to say this, but I have decided to move on from Corona to Vray, because of:

1. CPU render performance.
Vray next latest build (4.30) is much faster than Corona 5 right now in many aspects.

2. Corona is lacking of some plugins, 3ds max maps, 3ds max light, 3ds max atmosphere effects, and VRscans compability. In short, lack for visual effects.
a. Many plugins, like PhoenixFD, iCube R&D Group plugins, Vue, etc. is not fully compatible with Corona 5.
b. 3ds Max's Falloff (Shadow/Light) is not even supported although I already request it some years ago.
c. 3ds Max's light (Free Spot, etc.) with 3ds Max atmosphere effects are giving incorrect result with Corona compared to Vray.
d. 3ds Max atmosphere effects is not fully supported.
e. Lack of VRscans compability.

3. GPU renderer.
Almost all of the most popular renderer have it, but Corona doesn't have it.

I hope Corona can be the best renderer in the future! Thanks for the supports from the team all this time :)

I need help / Corona 4 fireflies
« on: 2019-07-04, 15:29:54 »
Stil having firefly won't disappear problem with Corona 4 Hotfix 1. Even without caustic solver, without any caustics in material, and noise level at 4.76% it still won't disappear.

Successfully uploaded as 1562247089_firefly.7z.

Corona v3 hotfix 2 is working fine, but it still have NaN. But Coronav4 RC4 can't emit any light and produce NaN.

The project file is already uploaded with private uploader. It is 1559802322_can-t-emit-any-light-and-produce-NaN.7z

Tested & working fine with corona-3-3dsmax-hotfix2, but not working anymore with Corona-4-3dsmax-daily-2019-04-23



Post from another user

Test file attached

Corona-4-3dsmax-daily-2019-04-05 crashed when rendering 'Volume Light' with Environment Map (in the Exposure Control). If you clear and uncheck the 'Environment Map', the crash will not happen anymore. I tried to render with corona-3-3dsmax-hotfix2 and it works without any crash.

The test scene updated as 1555505671_test-crashed-2016-r2.7z with Private Uploader.

Resolved feature requests / Nvidia real-time raytracing
« on: 2018-08-15, 06:00:40 »
Please integrate this in the future version of Corona !!!
This can give us a huge leap in the performance with the new Nvidia GPUs :)

More details:

General CG discussion / Nvidia real-time raytracing
« on: 2018-08-14, 13:51:00 »
Guys, here's the new Nvidia Quadro RTX (Real time ray tracing) GPU:

In other words, the GPU has much more powerful CPU (RT Cores) than the most powerful CPU's this days. Btw, the next Nvidia Geforce will launch with the ray tracing capability like CPU:

And I just wondering, could it work with the CPU render engine like Corona? (because it has CPU capability now, not just rasterization)

Resolved feature requests / Color management
« on: 2017-11-15, 09:45:51 »
Please see this:

AFAIK, Corona using Wide RGB color space (Gamut). Can Corona implement to change the color management, like filmic log or bt709 or etc ? It's very useful feature!

Daily builds / Corona vs other render engines
« on: 2017-11-14, 08:43:29 »
Here's the comparison between Corona, V-Ray, Redshift, Octane, and Arnold Render. Tried my best to get the identical result & minimize the difference between the renderer engines. The hardware specs: i7 4790k with GTX 780.




Octane Render

MAXtoA (Arnold Render)

From the result render of this emissive material scene, here's what I've got:

a. Corona build 2017-11-10
The indirect lighting from Corona is the best of all in the terms of the best quality of image output from GI WITH less noise level OR less render time.

b. V-Ray adv 3.60.03
Definitely slower than Corona for the same quality output image. Btw, I don't wanna use it anymore, but I still need some essential feature from it and because of more freedom in the settings.

c. Redshift 2.5.40
Redshift actually can be the fastest than others in the term of less noise level OR less render time "IF" I change the GI & tweak some settings, but it sacrifice the quality of the image output from GI. Since the indirect lighting is the big problem for render time in Redshift, the only solution is to use the mesh light to clear up the noise faster.

d. Octane Render 3.06.4 - 4.41
It's pretty fast, but still can't beat corona in this scene.
Btw, out of this topic, if you read some advantage and disadvantage of this GPU renderer:

And this for another:

In my opinion, I don't see any bright future in the near future for this renderer, cause of the major development is realy slow and maybe because of it's dark history...

e. MAXtoA 1.1.880 (Arnold Render)
The render time is the slowest in this scene compared to the other 4 render engines. Arnold Render is really slow when handling indirect lighting from the diffuse ray like Redshift. The solution is to use the mesh light like redshift too. Btw, monte carlo have some trouble to denoise the render sample for now. So, maybe Arnold Render can't have denoise feature in the near future.

*Here's my request list to make Corona be a better render engine:

A. Near future version:

1. Please fix this:
Corona can't handle indirect lighting from PhoenixFD fire properly. The result is the overwhelming noise in the indirect diffuse pass stays like forever. The example scene (fireplace) attached below. Cache the simulation first using PhoenixFD, then go to frame 300 and render it.

2. Shadow/Light mode of Falloff map.
Corona doesn't support it.

3. Mesh Light.
Other renderer engine could be much faster using this light for that scene. I believe corona can be more faster too with this.

4. Bucket render.
Bucket render seems can handle more sample in the same time than progressive render. The result is less noise OR less render time.

5. Roughness settings in CoronaMtl.
Many render engine have it, like V-Ray, Redshift, Octane, Arnold Render.

B. Future version:

Corona RT or fully support GPU engine like Redshift or Octane, but must be with out of core GPU memory like Redshift. Is there any chance to recruit the ex-developer from Octane or Redshift ;)

Personally, Corona is and still the best renderer engine for me. I'm sorry if I'm wrong, cos I'm still very young and not the expert in rendering.

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