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C4D - Hair object.

Hey everyone @ Corona!

Yesterday I tried to apply a C4D hair object and make the hairs get the color of the texture of the surface the hair "grows" on... like a cow fur pattern.
Could it be that Corona does not support that native C4D function (applying texture to hair roots changes hair color) ???

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Direct Visibility Override
« on: 2020-02-14, 21:21:39 »
Hi developers.

In C4D, every time when I switch on DOF in there camera, the background generated from Direct Visibility Override gets totally blurred out, unless you set the F-Stop to a super high number.

Sorry, if this topic maybe already exists somewhere.

Does this issue in Corona 5 still exist?
I have not updated yet fron 4 to 5.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / UV Randomizer - Bug C4D Beta
« on: 2019-06-09, 19:05:54 »
Hi Corona developers,

today I noticed that when UV-randomizer is used, the patterns change every time when a new object is added to the scene, or if you simply make an object invisible in the renderer.

Tried dialing in all the settings of the UV-Randomizer... no change.
Patterns/Maps are still changing all the time.

Quite annoying for example in arch-viz scenes, when your gloss-map on a metal roof changes every time when you add new objects.
Not to mention floor patterns...

Any suggestions how to fix it?


P.S. ALL materials (different ones) which have UV random. change in the scene, as soon as you add or erase any object.


Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Team Render
« on: 2019-05-21, 18:43:50 »
Hi Corona team,

is there anywhere a really good tutorial, how to install Team Render?
In my case between two Macs...

Specifically how to make the computers communicate with eachother.
Is it done over LAN or WLAN, or simply by directly connecting them with a lightning cable or whatever?

Sorry for such maybe stupid question...

The software side I understood... but didn’t really find clear info about the network part.

Hi Corona team,

What do you think about applying stronger calculation power to shadow areas and edges of high contrast?

I noticed that most of the noise and fireflies occur in shadow areas.

And very often one has to render longer, just because of poor antialiasing on edges with strong contrast.

The rest of the scenes are already clean much earlier.

Quite frustrating to accept long render times just because of antialiasing and noisy shadows.

Instead of less denoising on bump maps (core 3), I suggest a stronger & intelligent calculation on those two mentioned areas.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Daily Build C4D
« on: 2019-05-11, 18:51:14 »
Hi Guys at Corona,

any idea why in the Core 4 daily build for C4D OSX, certain areas appear pretty much blurry?
Even when no denoising is used.

I played around with the camera... aperture, focus point... almost no difference.
It also makes no difference, if I double the number of passes !

Some areas, which are orthogonal to the camera appear to be a bit sharper / with more detail.

Please check out the image attached.

Any suggestions, what I might do wrong in Core 4 Beta?


P.S.    ... Also what the heck is this "bi-color" GI / rounded edge and the strange structure on the wall? 
             It happens when the HDR- Sun shines directly into the room One has to turn the HDR by approx. 90° in order to make it vanish.
             In former versions e.g Core 1.7 , this strange behavior NEVER occurred. GI lighting & light distribution was uniform.
             To me this is also clearly a bug !

             Honestly, Core 1.7 was the best Corona... unfortunately it doesn't work wir C4D R20... otherwise I would not use 4 Beta.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Corona 4
« on: 2019-05-01, 00:48:11 »
Hey guys at Corona,

thanks for the improvement in Corona 4 Beta !

CPU AI denoiser works great.

The "standard" denoiser sill denoises much less on bump maps & round edges... not good at all. Waiting for improvement...
However, the AI denoiser is great!!! Will use it from now on as new standard! :)

Also the displacement on stacked materials & poly selects works super in Corona 4 Beta.
Not "weird" like in the actual release.

Btw... now quick test renders with low number of passes are possible again, thanks to the CPU AI denoiser...
Great for a fast workflow and many many many test renderings. :)))

Attached a quick render...  2200 pix,  50 seconds on an 8core Xeon W 3,2 GHZ (iMac Pro).

Looking forward to the release of Core 4.

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Beta A1 that works with R20 ?
« on: 2019-03-28, 16:57:58 »
Hi guys at Corona,

ist there a Beta ( pre B2 ) that works with C4D R20?

I mean specifically a Beta that does not have the "new denoising" that denoises less on rounded edges & bumps?
As well as with the old displacement behaviour on stacked materials ! ( Material on the most left is NOT dominant )

Actually, one that behaves like Beta Core 1.7  -   only that it should run on R20.
Core 1.7 runs only until R19...

Thanks for your replies.

Rounded edges and bumps are getting much lesser denoising, causing huge render times.

Already discussed this bug with the support, who promised to fix this issue.

Total crap, when you need quick test renders. And in the daily workflow, this is the most important part, where most time is consumed.

Since no improvement has happened menawhile, I will re-post this again, including screenshots from rounded edges & bumps, properly denoised in Release core 1.7.
And badly denoised in actual core 3 / official release.

Makes the daily project work very annoying, destroying the creative process by super noisy test renders, especially in interior scenes.

Please fix this ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

As well as the weird displacement, when materials are stacked !!!!
Also worked great in core 1.7.
Now it behaves as if someone programmed it who never really used Corona for real project work !

Corona quality management should very carefully watch what the programmers are "improving"...

To me it looks almost like sabotaging the software ! Too big rival for V-Ray ?

With a broken displacement on stacked materials and broken denoising in bumps and rounded edges, Corona ist literally mutilated!

Since switching to Beta 2 - C4D, strong noise / artifacts appear on all rounded edges !
This happens on native C4D-geometry, as well as on imported ones - no difference.

It only gets reduced by much longer render times... not good!

In the previous Beta version (21-12-2017) the rounded edges worked perfectly !
But the older Betas dont work on C4D R20 !???!

Can it be a bug in Beta2 ?

Makes it impossible to work like that. I hope the official release version does not has such bugs.

Thankful for any suggestion how to fix it.

Screenshots and the original C4D R20 - file attached.

My Systems:

iMac Pro (2018) - Xeon 8 Core
32 GB Ram
OSX: High Sierra

iMac i7 (2012) . 3,4 / 3,9 GHZ
32 GB Ram
OSX: El Capitan

Same Probleme on both machines !

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