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I need help / DrServer disconnect
« on: 2019-09-30, 09:38:58 »
Hello, I have a problem with the DrServer, it disconnects at the beginning of calculation.

I have new computers since 3 months, a master and a slave. I installed the 3DS Max 2017 and Corona 4 versions .. I did tests with the DrServer, it worked very well. Then recently I installed Vray to open old files. I also changed the internet access provider that manages my network.
I don't know exactly when it started to stop working.

I send you the different DrServer logs.
I hope that inside there is the answer.
Thank you in advance.

I need help / is this a bug?
« on: 2019-08-01, 15:55:35 »
I have a scene with some objects from an evermotion collection. I want to render interactive, with the least possible objects of the scene, I make them inactive in the vewport, but they appear in the VFB. Does it come from 3DS? corona? properties of the evermotion scene?
I have already made several visuals with scenes from the same collection (archmodels 212) without any problem of this type.
thank you

I need help / migrate corona licence node
« on: 2019-06-11, 18:46:24 »
Hello, I just bought new stations for my render farm, I try to understand how to migrate my nodes from one station to another. I imagine that I must deactivate the license on the old machine to activate it on the new after installation ... but what is the procedure to follow to desactivate?
thank you.


the rendering quality from the VFB is no longer the same as the image of the VFB.

I did not change anything in 3ds or corona ...
in attachment a screenshot of the VFB during the rendering and the jpg from the VFB. I tested while saving under CXR then opening it and saving it under .JPG, it works.
do you know this bug?
thank you.

I need help / material HDRI
« on: 2019-04-15, 17:28:42 »
I am looking for how to create a material HDRI, in order to place it in my library and reuse it at when I want... like other material.
yhank you.

General Discussion / power of the memory of nodes.
« on: 2019-03-29, 12:07:50 »
Hello, I have a question about the memory capacity of the nodes.
Should it be equal to the master pc?
my workstation is 64 GB Ram, is 32 GB for each node is sufficient or should I increase to 64 also?
thank you

I need help / [solved] dr sever missing after UPDATE
« on: 2019-03-11, 18:24:04 »
hello, I try to update corona 3 (hotfix1) on my slave to use the DR ... after the setting, I can not find the icon of the DR server, in my taskbar it disappeared and I can not find installation location ...
could you help me?
thank you.

Hardware / one big workstation or 3 small in DR
« on: 2019-02-27, 06:07:27 »
Hello, I work under 3DS and Corona 3, I have the project to buy a new workstation
I have a conformable budget (13000 €)

Following various discussions I wonder about the best design.
- A powerful station 48 cores (96 threads) 2 xeon 24 cores, 128 GB Ram,
- or a station with one big single-processor type i9 and two node stations with many hearts type big xeon and 64 GB of ram each ....

Do you have an opinion? what do you think is the best choice?
thank you.

General CG discussion / one more hardware configuration
« on: 2019-02-19, 19:00:19 »
Hi everyone...

like many of us, here I am at the moment of my life where I must (one more time) change my workstation ... poor of me .. hey hey hey ... :)

so I play to find the config that will match me best ...

Since I st up mu compagny in 2004, I use DELL, robust and no problem, can be a bit expensive but I think continue with ... to see .. open to everything.

I started to look on the web what is happening with the components, and then I talked a bit with my computer scientist ...

But your opinion of 3DS corona user and 3D graphic artist interposes me

I'm going to keep my current workstation to manage Lumion, with a 1080 ti and 56 GB ram, as Lumion only works on the GPU it will do and I could still use this tower as a slave for my future corona render farm.

For the design of the new tower, I am based on the softs that I will use daily.

Autocad and Inventor for my models then 3DS and Corona for rendering ...

so I looked for some info on the corona forum and their benchmark ...

I arrived at a config composed of 2 Xeon Platinum 8168 24 core and 128 GB of Ram. (more details in the config attached) I have a nice budget and want to please me ...

I am looking for something very, very fast in terms of calculation, I will recover the 980 ti of my current tower which will be largely enough ..

What about rysen I hear about? does anyone have an opinion on the different Xeon platinium? 128 GB or 192 of ram ?? Do you need a liquid cooling system? dell do not propose it to me in the config ...

thank you in advance for your feedback.

I need help / convertor Corona to standard...
« on: 2018-07-09, 15:18:57 »
hello everyone, what advice can you give me for the export of a 3DS file made under Corona in twinmotion? I would like to keep the materials. I heard that the Corona file should be converted to a standard 3DS file, then exported to fbx to preserve the material ... is this correct? Do you have similar experiences?
do you know how to convert Corona Material to Standard material?
thank you in advance.

Resolved bugs / Bug with DR
« on: 2018-07-06, 15:55:54 »
since I move to Corona 2, my DR doesn't work...
On the screen of one of my two slave, on the window of DR it's noticed "Status: Closed" in red color...
I also updated this slave, of course..
the other work well...
Do you know what is the problem?
thank you

I need help / lot of crash with 3ds/corona and my GC
« on: 2018-06-15, 12:40:06 »
for several months I have problems with my graphics card ...
right now corona gives me this message ..
I am not sure to understand the reason and especially do you have the solution to this problem?
thanks in advance.

Bug Reporting / Camera bug??
« on: 2018-05-29, 15:10:26 »
I wonder if it's a bug or some settings I don't know...
When I' m using the DOF, my background become blurring...

Attached, 2 Interractive render, one without DOF and the same with...

Is it a bug or is it because I don't know how to use it?
thank you?

I am trying to understand how to set CGeometry_ZDepth Render Element to have this kind of map.

I don't find any tutoriel on the web..
thank you by advance.

General Discussion / DR issue
« on: 2018-05-11, 12:48:19 »
Hello, following the change of my internet router, the DR no longer works. Slave PCs are no longer recognized ... do you have a solution to this problem? thank you in advance.

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