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Off-Topic / CADnetwork Rendercube XL - Render Slave to sell
« on: 2020-05-27, 11:46:34 »
CADnetwork Rendercube XL - Render Slave to sell

Hi, I'm selling my Render Slave

Product            CADnetwork Rendercube XL
CPU               2 x Xeon E5-2630v3 (2 x 8 Core, 2.4-3.2GHz)
RAM               32 GB
SSD               512 GB Samsung 850
Cinebench         4800 (CB R20)
Price & Date      3500€ net @ 23.12.2015
Selling Price               1000€

It has two 16x PCIE Slots and can be used as GPU Slave, too.

If interested, PM me.

best, index

hi corona team,

finding things is a bit tricky here sometimes and i think it would be nice to have a releases thread in the forum.
for example: i could find the corona 3 hotfix 1 download outside of the forum, but the release notes... ?

it would also allow to add the beta builds and give a better overview what is around to play with.
best without discussion, just an archive of versions/downloads and their release notes.

just an idea,
best, index


I dont know if this was reported before,
but Coronas Memory warning pops up even if it is not used as renderer
(ie when rendering with VrayforC4D)

best, index

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D / Corona Light Instance [Bugs]
« on: 2019-01-16, 19:36:30 »
In the Corona-3-c4d release from 01-2019

1) Instances of Corona Lights are ignoring the color
Corona Light, Instance, change Color in Light to red, Instance light will still render white.

2) Render Instances of Lights are working (including the correct color) in Interactive Rendering,
but they do not work at all (there is no Light) when rendering to the PV or VFB !

This has been reported here by illbru, and is tested by me, too.

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Filmic Blender
« on: 2018-09-15, 10:45:42 »

i stumbled on this interesting video:

wonder if this does apply in any way to corona too...
anyone with thoughts on this?


ps. the subject was discussed here, too (for octane)

Feature requests Cinema 4D / corona shared problem
« on: 2018-09-09, 20:51:47 »

this is not a bug but a gui problem in my view...

if you work in the normal mat editor
and you instance a shader by using a corona shared shader in another slot
then the original shader also gets a corona shared as parent shader

i understand the concept that there is no source and target,
but both slots now share the same source

the problem is that
1. you cant select and copy/paste the original shader anymore (to copy it to another place without instancing it)
2. you cant unlink the connection if you dont want it anymore

at least there should be an unlink button which removes the corona shared shader
and puts the original shader back in the slot.

how to handle the copy/paste problem i'm not sure

best, index


Yesterday i noticed that adding a group with a cloner to a mask
does not work. The clones are not added, also if recursive is on.

The only way right now seems to be make the cloner editable
(dissolve it into instances)

i didn't check cloners with other multipass features,
but i guess this doesn't affect masks only...

would be nice if that was fixed

best, index


that was reported before but i repost it anyway...

i just received false renderings from rebus farm,
because when rendering a mac file on windows (and vice versa) the default lut folder is not changed
and results in a wrong path/missing lut on the other system.

corona should detect and adapt the default folder to the os automatically
or have a fall back to always search in the default paths if a lut cant be found...

best, index

Bug Reporting Cinema 4D - resolved / opengl issues [bug]
« on: 2018-05-08, 11:34:24 »
this might have been posted already...

on macosx sierra sometimes materials are not displayed correctly in the viewport
(ie displayed in a bright green instead of rendered with texture)

re-rendering the material does not update the display

the only way to get a correct display is to close and reopen the file.
which also does not work in all cases, sometimes you must try a few times

hi there...

in vray i use reinhard colormapping and i save my pix as 16bit images to have some space for post edits
now in corona i noticed that my lights are totally burnt in, darkening in post does not allow
to reduce the white halo of a lights surrounding for example, while this works perfectly in vray.

in corony the lights generally seem to be much brighter in the output due to the missing colormapping.
this results in much stronger antialiasing artefacts and also limits post editing a lot...

how do you guys cope with that?
best, index

the picture viewer warns if and output image already exists...
when pressing render using the vfb you dont get a warning and the image gets overwritten

in B1 you can turn off a sun only by the generator switch (green checkmark switch) !

a corona sund does ignore its own and the parents renderbit
and so cannot be disabled by setting the renderbit of a parent to red (disabled)

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / bump strength
« on: 2018-04-25, 19:40:24 »
hi there...
i noticed corona uses % in the bump channel
... does anybody know what this means? % of what?
is it possible to translate this to cm somehow?
best, index

Hi there,
i started to used Corona for my Projects and posted some bugs and feature requests in the bug reporting section.
Here gather all of those feature requests in the right place, and probably will add more with time...

   1) a handcursor (to move the pic) like in pictureviewer would be nice
   2) on the bottom left instead of only passes, time elapsed, passes & noiselevel would be nice
        (with the same output to picture viewer)
   3) when saving from vfb you cant choose the bit depth...
   4) region render in vfb could have an option to import the last viewport region render
        (right now you need to start the render and wait for a visual feedback first to define your area)

   it would be nice to be able to select crx as save file format in the render settings
   this would allow to batch render local (and on renderfarms) and postprocess later

   it would be nice to have the lut setting in the camera tag, too

   a coating layer would be nice
   its doable by a layered material, but such materials are a pain in c4d
   because in practical work you copy and paste objects and layered materials
   loose connections etc.

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