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I need help Cinema 4D / Selecting Proxies
« on: 2020-04-27, 10:41:27 »
Hello everybody,

I started to use proxies more and more (since a viewport-slowing issue was finally fixed). I'm having trouble now with selecting proxies in the viewport. I attached a video, showing all combinations of visualization method, selection tool and viewport mode.

The easiest to select is solid bounding box, the worst is point cloud. When positioning objects I mostly work with full mesh, and that you can only select when you click near the pivot point. And usually there are more objects layered.

Anything that I a missing? Nobody else experiencing this?

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Nov 27 2019 20:53:52
Version: 5.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)

Looking forward to your answers.


PS.: I also would love if the Corona Proxy object automatically takes all the materials and object names of the original one. This could save some extra steps!

Hello there,

following up on this issue I had in this thread ( I found out that double reflections are not visible when using HDRI:

1. create blank scene
2. create box with 5cm thickness OR two planes with 5cm offset to each other
3. apply thin glass material, increase reflection IOR to 3 (better visibilty)
4. add HDRI
5. add cube and position to reflect in glass objects
7. render
6. double reflections only visible from cube, not from HDRI

See snapshot, yellow is my box and the red/green element is from the HDRI.
I also attached a scene, but you have to load in an HDRI yourself, because file size would be too big/resolution too low. The one I used is

Corona Version: 5.0
Cinema version: R21.207 Cinema 4D (single-license)

Can somebody confirm this please?



PS.: I was first suspicious of imported geometry (sketchup), but that is not the issue. Also it doesn't matter if its one box or two planes. Somehow that's different to what ficdogg said in the other thread?


I just found a weird thing and wanted it to share. Obviously the solution is to turn it off or delete, but it shouldn't have any effect at all, no? Also sometimes you lose the overview and its towards the (messy) end of an project.

Sometimes when having an empty Lightselect pass in the light mix, it causes some weird things to happen in the image. I've encountered this before and with the current project I had some extra time to investigate more.

1. create simple scene (I also attached one)
2. add light mix and light select passes
3. make sure to add an empty light select pass
4. check "apply denoising"
4. turn on denoising (only happens with Intel CPU AI)
5. render
6. in my example scene you have to crank the empty pass up real high, around 500000. In my other project it happens also with the value 1 (snapshot attached)

This happens in Corona Frame Buffer inside Cinema4D and also with the CIE standalone.

Full-speed non-debug version
Build timestamp: Sep 26 2019 13:07:24
Version: 4 hotfix 3 (core 4 (Hotfix 3))
Cinema version: R21.026 Cinema 4D (single-license)
Plugin status: Plugin successfully loaded
Win10 Pro / 1903 / 18362.476

Anybody got an idea what happens here? As I said, there is an obvious solution to this, I'm just interested.



Hello everybody,

I am currently working on a non-commercial project for a friend of mine. And I was able to easily create these panoramic renderings for him. I saved out CXR files and applied some bloom and glare effects, unfortunately these effects don't bleed over to the other side. I guess this is not normal behaviour but maybe somebody has done this before and knows how to fix it? Or is it actually a bug?

I attached the rendering and a snapshot of the panoramic application.



PS.: If anyone is interested, my friend did his master thesis in architecture on designing a community center in south africa. He currently is giving presentations and exhibitions on his work to collect money for actually building it!

It's in german, but there are some pictures to look at too :P

Hello there,

the past few days I've been setting up Team Render on a few machines. I've also been reading a few threads about this in this forum. So far I managed to set up all machines, they are working and not causing any trouble. I even did a comparison with 1 vs 3 and the amount of passes were doubled. The last thing I'm not getting to work is to save multiple CXR from the Picture Viewer. I have the following scene setup (attached):

  • simple geometry
  • simple lighting
  • simple materials
  • two cameras
  • stage object which is keyframed - first frame, first camera, second frame, second camera

I can easily have this rendered with Team Render and it also renders both frames. My goal is to save both final renderings to CXR so I can work with Post Process and LightMix. Unfortunately the Picture Viewer always saves the last frame as a CXR. And the VFB only shows last frame as well. I guess the button "Dump to CXR" does nothing else than save the CXR from the VFB? (I have the checkbox "automatic save on render end" enabled - but shouldn't have anything to do with that?)

Am I missing something? Is it even possible? Is it just a bug? The Trello board actually says something about saving from picture viewer, but I think that it is already implemented? (

My final goal is to render several shots with Team Render save them out afterwards a CXR. Any tips on how to achieve what I want?

I can try to deliver some more info if needed.

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