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Hi everyone,

i am using C4D R18 and latest realese of Corona 3 Hotfix 1. i am using Mac Pro late 2013. i was using El Capitan and Corona was working with it. 2 days ago i upgrade my OS to Mojave. After that Corona starts crashing. i realised that when i use Corona sun it crashes. in  my projects i have Corona sun. when i open my projects if i have a change... it renders but  without sun light. it only renders the sky light and  i can not see the sun.  But i can use HDRI images or other light sources.

My second problem is with the ies lights. i can render the ies lights but when it comes to render the scene in a renderfarm i can not see the ies lights. They all change to normal Corona  light.

i really need help. any idea ? anyone having same problem and solve it ?

thank you

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