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Bug Reporting / Render region hangs up.
« on: 2019-11-27, 15:01:25 »

I have annoying little problem with corona 5. It happens almost in every scene at some point. I can render just fine but when I use render region rendering hangs in preparation phase when you green dots. Does anyone else have this problem?


I am getting a new setup and I was wondering is there any point to get rtx card for corona? I am currently using 1080 ti. I saw vray GPU benchmark and 1080 ti had 100 and 2080 ti 51 seconds. That seems quite a big leap forward when in games the leap is quite modest. But I want to check out if the results will be the same with corona? If RTX cards won't bring real benefits I'll take 1080 ti from the old machine.

General Discussion / Corona 4 crash.
« on: 2019-06-12, 12:05:50 »

I have plenty of scenes where I have used vrayhdri. Corona 3 gave warning that it's unstable to use vrayhdri but I have experienced only a few crashes. Corona 4 crashes every time if I use interactive render and merge something to the scene. I have tested numerous scenes and it happens always. When I open the backup file after crash the merged objects are there.

I have a few objects that have really many multisubobject slots and I would need to change texture in all of those. Is there a better way to do that than simply going all the slots through manually.  If I could even change some master gamma value and it would change all the slots in one go. That would be nice too. I am using old sphere editor I haven't used slate version ever.

I am not sure if 3dsmax hair and fur is bugged in 2014 version cause h&f slows down my scene to unusable. That's why I don't want to use it all. If I use vrayfur in vray it works like a charm. Could we have something similar to vrayfur in corona in the future?

I need help / Can you make macro for this?
« on: 2019-04-03, 15:04:10 »

When I am doing exterior or interior shots I like to use vrayhdri cause I can easily adjust gamma etc. I just hate the suffle between renderers so I can get vrayhdri for corona. Is it possible to make macro that first makes corona material and then changes to vray renderer. After that it loads vrayhdri into bitmapslot and changes renderer back to corona. I often merge my procect to vrayhdri ready  scene but sometimes I don't want to do that.

General Discussion / Shadow catcher problem.
« on: 2019-03-21, 09:57:25 »
I am doing a house render and my goal is to edit the house picture in ps so that the house is agains pure white bg and shadows are casting from the house.
So I tried to use shadow catcher material and use composite option. The problem is that I get my direct shadow but I also get a lot of unwanted noise shadow. It kinda looks like the light is coming from every direction.
I am using hdri map to light the scene. Can you give any tips how to get only direct shadow casting to shadow catcher material. If I change my shadow catcher plane to solid white color it does not have those weird shadows that shadow catcher material is getting.

I need help / Panorama with no distortion?
« on: 2019-03-08, 07:24:00 »

I am doing panorama interiors but I am getting a lot of stretching. Are there any tips to lower the stretching or get rif of it? I am rendering to spherical and I am using the panorama script by Martin Geupel that can be found here at the forums. Other wise panoramas look really nice but I am struggling with stretching.


I need help / Win 10 folder sharing
« on: 2019-02-25, 13:31:39 »

How do you setup two win 10 machines for distributed rendering? I can't even make win 10 see the other machine in network.

General Discussion / Missing external files in every scene.
« on: 2019-01-16, 12:53:50 »

Last night everything worked just fine. I had notification that win 10 is having an update. This morning every scene is giving missing external file notification and the list is long. What could have happened that most of the scene materials are missing and yesterday there were working just fine. Can win 10 update somehow fiddle with paths or is this just something else? Or are there too many lines in my external file path so it's exploding now to my face? 

I have some models that have vray fur on them. I would like to render them in corona. Is it possible? I have vray next too but I want to render this in corona.

General Discussion / Can we have hybrid denoise?
« on: 2018-08-24, 10:10:29 »

I am just doing late night shot where I have fireflys and I can get rid of them using only remove fireflys option. But then I loose option for denoising. Would it be possible to have one denoiser where you could use sliders how much you want to remove fireflys and how much you want to denoise?


Have any one else encountered this behavior with recent patches, at least hotfix 3 and 4. I have relatively small interior scene and when I use interactive mode all is fine for a few moments then corona freezes for quite a long time. Blue circle starts rotating and when corona comes back from freeze interactive mode starts again from black screen. Now when I close interactive mode max crashes every single time. If I continue working with interactive mode on max won't crash. It happens when I close interactive mode. This is so annoying.

I have to check if this happens with every scene or is it just with this scene I am working now. Or is this related to some objects in my scene. I haven't had this problem always. It started when I updated hotfix updates.


I was wondering does corona render some kind of AO in renders even if I am not using AO pass. Many times I get much darker shadow area where wall and roof intersects. It looks like AO shadow. In some pics it's not so visible and in some pics it's quite distracting.

General Discussion / Win 10 memory management.
« on: 2018-02-12, 08:01:16 »

I used win 7 for years and I recently updated to win 10. I have noticed that memory management is much worse with win 10 or is it corona behaving differently with win 10.

My scene may take memory 12 gigs. But when I have used interactive renderer for awhile and made some test renders I notice that my scene won't render or pre calculation is really slow. When I check my memory consumption it's something like 20 gigs and I don't have memory left for rendering. I have 32 gigs of ram. Now I have to regularly shut down max and other apps to free memory and then start max again. It's staring to be quite annoying.

So scene has eaten 8 gigs of ram when doing test renders and interactive renders. Is this normal with win 10 or is my memory management settings wrong in win 10?

Can you give any advice for win 10 memory management? And do you have the same problem win 10?

I used to have something similar with max 2008 and win 7. Max had a bug where it would fill memory eventually and you had to clear memory with script. Could this be something similar. I am using max 2014. I didn't have this kind of memory problems with win 7.

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