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how can I improve the bump?
Tried with bump mask and normal mask, bump channel and corona normal shader:
The problem: In shady zones the bump effect is almost washed out...It looks really not natural, as it would be another material there :(.
Does corona-bump only work in directly illuminated areas?
Please look at the example attached.


Feature requests Cinema 4D / Object-Masks in Multipass
« on: 2019-02-10, 23:21:34 »

Many of us render object-masks, which are absolutely essential for all the post-work!
I find the best way is to use the monochromatic black&white mask for every object-group of same materials and I´m happy that Corona-C4D offers this feature in its multipass (...with Object-ID or Material-ID).

But I really miss two things...or perhaps I just don´t know how to adjust it(?)

Masks for objects behind glass!...It´s very often the case that in an exterior we have also  to tune objects inside the building, columns, stairs, furniture, people etc...but Coronas masks dont take into account that there are transparent objects in the scene (glass in windosws e.g.) and corona doesn´t generate masks for any objects behind glass...
In native C4D it worked well: The masks for all transparent objects are defined otherwise then masks for opaque objects (transparent objects appear in the masks with different shades of gray depending on their transparency) ... and we get also object-masks for all objects behind the glass ....
It seams that in coronas masks glass is seen as every other object....
So currently the only workflow to get all masks, also for objects behind glass, is to change the scene after rendering to native C4d, throw away all lights, change the material of all transparent objects to native C4d-material with transparency....and render this scene again with C4d native renderer to get the right set of object-masks...
Sometimes a little tricky because of corona-materials with alpha and of course an additional work every time!

I just spoke to another person from another studio....they have the same problem and their workflow it exactly the same I described with a second render;)....

When saving to a PSD-file from native C4D, all object-masks are automatically inserted in PSD-channels!´s great, because when you need a selection, you go to the channels, cmd-click (on a Mac) on a channel icon and you have your object selected....
When saving to PSD after a corona render, all the objects masks appear as layers, not as channels :(.....Would it be possible to cahnge it or to have the choice ;)))!

Thank you very much!!!


I just saved some Tiffs with different LUTs after rendering in the save-dialog in VFB...Opened in PSD and there are all 16bit and without(!) background (from HDRI) althought it´s visible in the VFX-viewport...
How can I adjust the color-depth I wish (8/16/32bit)..and what can I do to avoid transoparent background?

When I save from C4D-native-picture-viewer I can set the depth and the Tiff comes WITH(!) the background. Doesn´t it work when saving from VFB?..or have I to adjust it somewhere before?



due to the rising workload and some restructuring on our new location we (Vizoom) are looking for talented visualizers on freelance basis (also remotely) to help us on different architecture visualisation projects :)…We are particularly interested in long-term cooperation!

-Advanced skills in Cinema 4D+Corona or Cinema 4D+Vray (in exceptional cases other combinations), Photoshop would be a plus, as it´s essential part of our work, particularly in exteriors.
-Ability to read architectural plans, interest in architecture, design, landscapes planning…An eye for atmosphere and composition
-Ability to work both in team and independently. Communication skills in English language (German language would be a  plus)
-We have often to deal with short deadlines (e.g. competitions) so please only apply if you would be available full-time during a project (we strive for regular daily working-time but in some projects it does not always work as desired ;))

A few words about us:
Last ten years we worked from Berlin, now we are establishing a new studio in Barcelona.
Thus, the majority of our clients is still based in German-speaking area, including some well-known architecture studios and real-estate-companies.
For more info please look on our website:

If you are interested, please send us a short CV, your portfolio (architectural exteriors / interiors), and your rates.
We would also appreciate the info from when you could join one of our projects.
Please write to: (in English) or (in German)
Thank you!

Artur / vizoom

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