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Bug Reporting / Wrong color correct temp
« on: 2019-10-17, 11:57:05 »
Hi, sorry if this has been fixed (Im still on Version 4).

It seems to be the colour correct temperature is backwards? Please see attached, should be pretty self-explanatory...

A lower value (more blue) should make the image cooler (more blue), correct? And vie-versa, a warmer (more red) should be warmer?

Jobs / Custom Bed Modelling
« on: 2019-09-11, 12:39:41 »
Hi All,

I have a job to model and render some new bed designs. I'd usually take the job on myself but seeing as I'm a bit busy I don't think I can fit it all into my schedule.

Can anyone interested please PM me (please don't PM and reply here - things get complicated quickly). I need to know:
  • timeframe to model (high quality, custom made bedding components), and a;
  • quote per bed
  • a link to your portfolio, preferably showing previous custom modelling jobs
This job for now is ONLY modelling and basic UV mapping/texturing. Scene rendering might come later, but I currently don't have any information on this.

The model should be able to be rendered well in 3DS max (with corona of course), so perhaps if the bed is made with MD, that'd be a good start....

Looking forward to hearing from anyone interested.

General CG discussion / Batch Convert to Proxy?
« on: 2019-08-15, 11:38:50 »
Hi All,

I'm looking for tips.

I purchased an Evermotion tree collection. I want to have all the trees as cPROXY. The issue is this is a pretty laborious task, especially seeing as each tree is in a separate *.max files (and each file is hundreds of mb).

Does anyone know of a good plug-in or process to automate or speed up the process of converting these to proxies? Ideally the process would go something like:
1. Open tree#1
2. Create instance
3. Convert to instance to cProxy, save it to a subfolder of existing tree file
4. Close
5. Continue with tree #2....

Any ideas welcome!

Bug Reporting / Cobblestone Herringbone Small error
« on: 2019-08-12, 11:58:54 »
This isn't a bug per se, but just a little error in one of the pre-set corona materials: Cobblestone Herringbone

The real-world texture size of the diffuse is 1000mm while the reflection, bump and displacement are all 500mm.

Nothing major, just thought I'd finally share this after noticing it about a year ago!

I need help / DrServer suspended by windows
« on: 2019-07-25, 17:51:19 »
Hi all,

Apologies; this isn't a Corona problem but rather a Windows 10 thing...

Today my SSD drive died, so I took it as a good opportunity to finally update to Windows 10. All went well, I installed DrServer and Corona Image Editor (I didn't install the Corona plug-in for 3DSmax as this PC is solely a slave).

However, DRserver will not open. CIE works fine. When I try to open DrServer, it appears momentarily in the Task Manager, then sometimes gets listed as 'suspended' then disappears without ever actually opening.

My Windows 10 skills are very limited. What the hell is going on!?

And advice MUCH appreciated! Thanks.

Bug Reporting / D.R. renders strange with region render
« on: 2019-07-22, 11:34:10 »

Sorry if this has been previously covered.

I've noticed that when I render with D.R. and use a region it appears that the slave is still rendering out the whole image...

The only evidence I have of this is that the passes total has begun to read something like: 75 (4). (Usually my slave renders almost 50% of the total passes)

Latest release with max 2018. Happy to provide any further info...

General CG discussion / SiNi software alternatives
« on: 2019-06-06, 10:43:23 »
Hi All,

So last year I subscribed to SiNi softwares all access package. It's nice but in the following months I've found myself using only 2 functions regularly: Camera Lock/Unlock and the Pivot tool (which lets you one-click-move the pivot to any of the top/middle/bottom corners and centers.

Rather than pay the large fee each year for these now necessary tools, does anyone know of any replacement plug-ins I could use for these 1 click functions?

Any tips appreciated. Thanks!

Resolved bugs / Corona uvw randomizer doesnt work with noise
« on: 2019-05-07, 07:11:08 »
As described in the title: uvw randomizer doesnt seem to work with noise map. Is this known? Am I doing something wrong?


I need help / Basic Scripts
« on: 2019-05-07, 06:57:38 »
Hi All,

I'm a total noob when it comes to scripting (or anything advanced in 3ds max, tbh)... So apologies for the query

I'm wondering how I might go about either finding or somehow creating a script that when activated toggles (either on or off) the Corona Global Volume Material.

I've recently started using Pulze scene manager (from half a days usage I can recommend, despite 1 crash). In some views I'd like the scene to have fog, other scenes I'd like it off. I don't think Pulze has the ability to toggle this option other than saving and loading render settings or - as I'm hoping to do - with a script.

Any tips or pointers much appreciated!

Hi All,

I have a bit of a strange query:

I render out a lot of sketch renders for architects. They often want ghosted silhouette people in the views. I usually either just Photoshop these in, or more recently, I put 3D people in the max model and render a 'render-selected' pass to get an alpha to then put into Photoshop. This is usually pretty easy and fast. However, I'm wondering if I can do it in a single render?

My query: During my final render, can I somehow have the 3D people completely invisible (ie; opacity set at 0) but render out an element that still shows these objects?

Any tips appreciated! :D

Jobs / Modelling job
« on: 2019-03-20, 06:07:44 »
Hi All,

I'm not sure if Corona forum is the best place to advertise here or not, but here goes:

I need help modelling a project I'm working on. It's an exterior only of an existing building, approx 2,500sqm. The CAD file is set-up with various floors (double storey civic building only), with elevations and sections. Additionally, lots of photos are available of the building. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, and the detail doesn't have to be super high either. The most important thing is that it's vaguely representative of the actual building and surrounding landscaping (ie; benches, ramps, roads - no landscaping needed) and that you use a good system of layers for different building components.

Preferably the modelling would be done in either Rhino3D or 3DS Max. The timeframe is approx 1 week, and the budget is approx 400-500eur total.

If interested please PM me here with any relevant screenshots of previous modelling work (with layer system in view too, if possible please) and any other relevant work.

(If you know of a better place to advertise this work, please let me know).



Jobs / Freelancer needed for simple interior set
« on: 2019-03-13, 09:01:09 »
Hi all,

Sadly, as a solo freelancer I'm unable to accept all my clients work.

I've got a job on offer. It's 4 apartments, (all basically the same furnishings/style, similar styling and layouts) each with 3 views (2 of which are variations showing a Murphy bed up/down). All the joinery, curtains, furniture, fixtures, wall colors, tiles etc are already specified so there is very little to do in terms of hunting for appropriate bits and pieces.

A PDF plan is supplied but no 3d, the interior spaces are simple (extruded walls with flat floor and ceiling). Camera Views are suggested but not concrete.

In total there should be approx 13 renders (so 3 of each apartment plus a bathroom render). The apartments are very small so although 13 sounds a bit daunting it should be fairly straightforward. My clent has written very clearly all the required info so you should be able to begin immediately.

Lighting/time of day is your choice. The renders should be probably 2560x1440 (maybe 4k but probably not).

Deadline is approx 2-3 weeks from today. Happy to supply more info if needed.

If you're interested please PM me asap (hopefully with a very rough quote). Thanks!

I need help / Best option for video animation output?
« on: 2019-02-08, 11:13:18 »
Hi All,

I'm looking for the easiest possible way to collate and export animations. I render the individual frames (usually PNG or JPG) with Corona (obviously) and usually collate the frames in After Effects. However, since quite often I'm not doing any editing of these animations, AE seems too convoluted to use for such a simple process.

Does anyone recommend any software or service that will suit my needs? I'm looking for something simple that will convert hundreds of frames into a video file (usually exclusively for use on Instagram).

Appreciate any feedback!

Resolved feature requests / Color Correction
« on: 2019-01-18, 10:52:45 »
Just out of interest; why does the Corona Color Correction node not have the capability to change the hue (similar to the slider in default 3ds max colour correction)?

What am I missing that means we can't do this?

I need help / Scale and Corona
« on: 2019-01-17, 10:34:06 »
Sorry if this is more of a 3DX max question...

I work exclusively in MM (millimeters). So often when I buy a 3d model and open it, it's in CM units. Therefore I get the 3DSmax dialogue asking to adapt to the files scale or re-size it to my system scale. I almost always of course choose to have the model re-scaled to fit my MM.

My query is; do the Corona materials (or any materials) get automatically re-scaled in this process too? Or do I need to fix these myself?

Any tips appreciated.

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