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Lately I have been using corona for animations and have discovered this very important bug.
If I render with the Cinema4D engine what I see in the viewport is the same as the render. If I render with Corona the result is wrong and the mask I used as a field is shown.
I tried to copy to a new scene, but the problem still exists.
I sent the scene to the private uploader.

Cinema 4D R20, latest daily build 2020-05-06.

Thank you!


I have a 4-sided structure with translucent fabric. on 2 sides I should mix some logos.
But the result of the faces with the logo is too different from those without the logo.

If I apply another material (with active opacity channel) and mix it, the base material changes its appearance (more noise).

I attach a quick test.

Thank you.

Hi Corona Team!
Here are 2 images with shadow catcher, both with white skies.
Why does the lighting change when I use the color shader?
Should be the same, is it a bug?
Thank you!

Corona Renderer for Cinema 4D - general / Noise increase
« on: 2019-06-04, 16:58:35 »
Hi guys! thank you for your great work!
since corona beta 2, there is a persistent bug.
In the top views (camera H 0 °; P -90 °; B 0 °) the noise reaches a certain point and then rises (for example from 3.5 to 12%).
this means that for simple scenes the front view takes 2 minutes, instead the top view 1:30 hours. this is insane, for example, in the rendering queue.
when I can, stop the render, but in the rendering queue it is impossible to check this error.
I have not tried with the interiors, but only in scenes with shadow catcher (product render) since the beta version 2. Now I am using corona 4 rc1.
can you fix this bug, please?
I attach 3 screenshots.

Thank you so much!

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