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Feature requests / Some sort of analyzer for VFB
« on: 2019-06-12, 15:06:49 »
Got this weird idea for VFB:
Could there be some sort of analyzer so as you render an image and you see it on your VFB, it would kinda paint lets say red color
to the objects/materials are the hardest to clear from noise. Or something like which area of the image takes most time to clear.
If an SSS-based material would be difficult to calculate = it would be red in the VFB.

Turning the idea for lights, could it tell the user which light generates to most hardest calculation for the cpu.
Ergo ~ if you turn off this light, your render will be done faster. The "analyzer" cant say do that and do this. But just show "this is heavy to calculate",
"this makes your cpu cry".

Mixing the idea more. Lets say there would be a gradient from green to yellow to red. Green= fast to render, Yellow=avarage, Red= Difficult.
Then when you render an image, the image would use only green/yellow/red colors to tell the user which parts were fast/normal/difficult for the cpu.
Maybe this info could be somehow gathered from Path tracing/UHD Cache?

Maybe I am wrong but I would think that some parts (of an image) are easier and some harder to render. The idea of this would show what the user could
adjust to make things easier/faster.

I need help / UHD Cache for an animation
« on: 2019-03-20, 23:05:14 »
Hi all - just some very simple questions for an animation.
Case: moving objects, moving cameras, moving lights, frames: a few thousand. I wont go to FullHD, 720p have to do.
Until this day, I have been putting UHD Cache (flicker-free) animation on and that´s about it. Now, as this will be the longest and most demanding animation, I started to think
if I could ease the pain from our company's tiny renderfarm. I have a 1950x rippa´ and our other node-comps are what they are.. Dont ask about ram on those :) Just dont.

a) should I skip all the other question and just do as I have done before? A computer will calculate UHDc and render.
b) should I let my workstation calculate the UHDc for all frames and save the file to a network-drive?
c) can I stop the UHDc-calculation and resume it later, lets say I let it be calculated over night and then in the afternoon I would put my workstation again to continue calculating.
d) can the UHDc be calculated over our nodes? Will the file work if all the nodes save information to the file as they calculate a frame per node (and then move on to the next available frame)
e) has anyone tried to calculate UHDc with a lower resolution (lets say 720p )and then rendered a (lets say 1080p) higher resolution-animation, would this work?
f) what if I let my workstation calculate every 5th frame? But as the camera&objects move, will there be some jitter/blinks in the shadows?

These kind of questions, let me know if you have ideas about this.
Right this moment my workstation is calculating UHDc on everyframe and saving the file to our networkdrive. 2h done and 55h to go.
There is no hurry on this animation, still have a few months to make this..

General Discussion / An idea for Corona-subscribers
« on: 2018-12-13, 09:55:26 »
Hi. Just got this wild idea, maybe you´ll throw this to the trash bin but..
What if Corona would have some sort of rewards-system?
We are paying monthly and I just took a look at my Corona-mail folder in my Outlook and I started to laugh about the amount of mails I have received since Corona v1 (12th may 2015).

Anyway, started to think what if we, monthly subscribers, could get +1 node annually after paying for 12months?
Not saying I should get +3 since 2015 but if Render Legion would start some sort of bonus-rewards-system in 2019...?
And canceling the subscription would reset the "added" nodes.

I need help / Fire
« on: 2018-12-05, 14:22:39 »
A client wants me to make fire to an animation. The fireplace is open from the sides and as the camera moves, I wouldnt want the fire to be
a simple plane with animation which then rotates with the moving camera [LookAt Constrain].
I tried to search from this forum but as we now have Corona 3, does anyone know would there be a simple way to create flames?

Or do I have to use Atmospheric apparatus :)


I need help / crop area and render an animation
« on: 2017-08-08, 09:26:29 »
Hi all. Would someone have a script or is there some easy trick to achieve this:
-I would like to render 64*64px areas (1:1 squares) and save animation images as induvidual files.
-Would be good if I could manually assign the starting point and the ending point, OR
-assing the x,y for the middle of 64*64px area

There will be many areas to be rendered and the plan is to render a synth and make a VST synth.
I also attached the Diva synth picture, in here the synth is facing straight forward. What I need to render
will have a bit perspective (like a fish eye fx) >> so I need to render all the knobs seperately.

Thanks for the help!

I don't know if people have wrote about this already but:
I had set Interactive Rendering max passes to 50.
I just wanted to check some very small parts from my model with IR/Region and as the small area hits 50 passes,
the IR stops. My suggestion / request: Could it be possible for the IR to start again if the region is moved to another place?

Best regards

I need help / 2D Cutout on a 3D-object
« on: 2016-09-28, 12:40:28 »
Hi. I didn't find an answer for this:
is there a way for Corona to create the cut sides? Or fill them...

(a 3d-object and I would like to cut some pieces away with a 2d-image. Boolean is not an option in this case)


Resolved bugs / Corona 1.4 DR
« on: 2016-05-17, 11:33:36 »
Updated yesterday to 1.4. Our licserver is updated too.
Now my farm-computers gives this when starting Dr server (attachment).

Ideas? Re-install wont help.

General CG discussion / 3ds max - Skip existing images
« on: 2016-01-12, 08:49:43 »
Just a small question:
So I rendered a sequence of files and I saw one render node had made black images.
I deleted the black ones and opened max, send it again to backburner and put skip existing images.
I see from backburner monitor that it assigns about 50 images per node, as in: node1 0-50 - node2 51-100 - node3 101-150...

Is it possible to change this ~50 value? I think 5 or 10 per node would be good.
I have nodes which have different cpus and I would prefer if the faster ones would render more images.

I need help / HDRI and Color Space
« on: 2016-01-04, 09:59:01 »
I am a bit confused about this matter. I haven't paid attention to the term "Color Space" when loading HDRI-files. REALLY. I haven't.
I just noticed that different Color Space-settings in the Vray HDRI loader give very different results.
I have been thinking many times that some of my renders are very flat.. And as I saw this difference, I started to think is there some rule when loading HDRI-files?
Corona settings says "Defines: Wide RGB" - So should, when loading HDRI-files to Vray HDRI-loader, should I check the Color Space to be "From 3dsmax" ?
I have been using inv gamma - because it is the default when loading files. And this here confuses me, why is it inv gamma (default) but when changed to sRGB or "From 3dsmax"
the rendering is much better.

I was up last night testing, I have the 6 studio HDRI-files from (cant download the files anymore, but they are very basic HDRI-setups):
As I switched from Mental Ray to Corona, I also started to use Vray HDRI-loader. So last night I tested, plane + some teapots + Corona interactive.
I made one Vray HDRI-loader and one basic 3dsmax bitmap-loader, both with the same file and no settings changed. As I dragged them to the enviroment slot,
the Corona Interactive showed very different results.

The file attached is the very first Color Space-test with a synth I modeled 2014. As I saw the results I started to think have I been rendering wrong for so long time :(
I have Gamma enabled 2.2 + materials/color selector checked too.

2nd thing which confuses me is:
I bought the Corona Interior Scenes from Evermotion, they render very nice always but they have bitmap output at 1.
When opening them in Photoshop they open dark. If I render and save as .png-file, should the bitmap output be at 1 as in the Evermotion-files. Normally I save without
adjusting anything and the files open in Photoshop as they are in the Corona VFB.

Suggestions? Links to tutorials? Books?

Off-Topic / 4 light signs on sale in Finland
« on: 2015-09-15, 11:22:52 »
There is a bankruptcy-sale, some bar couldnt pay their dept. One of the light signs caught my eye and
it would fit perfectly to Ondras office.

In finnish - use translate if you want to know more... or ask me.

General CG discussion / Giving away your work
« on: 2015-07-01, 12:55:56 »
Right now I´m mad as a matafaka.
So the thing is that (I assume some another company) has asked our client to give them .max-files and our client is asking them from me now.
I said to our general manager that I don't want to give them - he said well I understand but in our contract with them it says we can give if needed.

This January I made some animations for one company - then after a month or two some guy sent me email asking for .max files.
He wrote he was hired from school to work there as an animator but he don't know how to make the same quality (with MR) like I have done in the animations (Corona).
We wrote them that we cant give the .max-files - then he basically showed his middle finger to us saying blaa blaa blaa etc.
(last week we got a call from them saying they will pay for the .max-files but I don't know what is our GMs take on this..)

So what are your opinions for giving .max-files to clients?
If I ever will work as a freelancer, all my contracts will say "I dont give .max-files, only images".

I need help / Translucent rubber
« on: 2015-06-17, 10:34:05 »
I would like to get some advice / help on this.
I am modelling a synthesizer with these drum pads and I would like to put a small led under those pads.
I cant seem to get the balance right (light vs translucency).

How would you guys make the material for the rubber and the light properties?
Here is a reference:

Thanks for all the help :)

Added: And also, should the led under the pad be a sphere or just a disc?

Resolved bugs / [x] Clear VFB inbetween renders
« on: 2015-05-20, 15:03:19 »
Just a small thing I noticed, doesn't bother me but:
VFB wont clear, the check box is ticket from System\Frame Buffer\VFB Settings.
Every time I press render, Corona will render on top of the previous render.

I render with Corona V1.00 Daily build May 15, 3dsmax 2012. I requested it and Ondra made it May 15th.

General Discussion / Question about LS:xxx / Network
« on: 2015-05-13, 10:28:28 »
Yesterday we ordered FairSaas 1ws + 5n. Now I try to get my small renderfarm to communicate with the CoronaLic-server @, connect to the Internetz.
I understood that everything should work when I install v1 to my farm-computers and add CoronaActivation.txt to c:\users..local...\CoronaRenderer.
In that .txt should be only LS:

In .112 I have only LicServer running and I added my user:pass-info to .txt . Program starts but I cant seem to verify that it connects to you guys (good if it showed "Connected to LicManagement@Corona or something). Anyways, when I have that LS: in my farms, and hit render from my WS, everything starts to connect. Nodes load 3dsmax,
Server says "Receiving ping from" [dont show what computer]. The nodes try to start 3dsmax but then they close. Server wont give any info about did it get lics from you guys or no.

So right now I skipped the LicServer and all my farm-comps have CoronaActivation.txt with the loooooooooooooong code. Everything works without the LicServer - I Iz happy.
But my main question is: In one month, do I need to activate all the 5 nodes again trough VNC and do a lot of copy/paste?
If yes then I will need to get the LicServer working.

At my work I manage also LicServers for our SolidWorks, Automateworks, Autodesk-products and ProEngineer.

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