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Nuevo tutorial de corona, Shaders de materiales mojados con todo y texturas !


Second tutorial, this time is about ice shaders.

First video is about metal shaders

Comments are welcome !

General CG discussion / Help a total begginer on Maxscript
« on: 2020-03-24, 15:55:10 »
Hi, im under quarantine for 20 more days in my country, i was hoping to put this time to good use and to learn the basics of maxscript programming would be very useful, So any of you have good tutorials or resources to get started? maybe some tricks and tips you have learn ? Where do you get all the expressions and the basic programing language? Have any tried phyton with 3dsmax? it's supposed to be easier?
Thank you so much

Gallery / I`m Guest House
« on: 2020-03-18, 21:51:21 »
Hi, I like to share my last under quarantine personal project, its the I`m Guest House by Desai chia architects, while i was searching more info about the house i found that Nmachine have already done it on 2017 on the ronnen bekerman forums.
So just like they said fell free to post your comments! Stay safe people.

03-Esquina-arriba-low" border="0

04-Arboles-dark-low" border="0

05-Interior-cocina-Low" border="0

06-Esquina-BW-low" border="0

06-Esquina-low" border="0

02-Esquina-piso-low" border="0

Behance gallery has better resolution ones :

Jobs / Freelance Archviz artist for Hire
« on: 2020-03-13, 14:50:28 »
Hi! i'm Daniel
It's been 13 years since i start doing archviz at the university and quickly became my passion.
I'm an architect with a very good interior design skill that i apply to the archviz jobs. I really love what i do and i think is the only way to get better at what we make.

I Have worked on numerous housing projects, office interiors, hotels, houses and product catalogs.
If your company is looking for that good freelance guy, i'm the guy.

Here is my portfolio and web page.

You can contact me on

New-banner" border="0

Gallery / Casa de piedra
« on: 2020-03-12, 00:28:18 »
Casa de Piedra

Just saw this project on dezeen and jump right to 3dsmax, grab some references and made the project.
I made my own version of the interior space, recreating a dinner room filled with natural light creating intense shadows and a ray of light that draws the furniture.

Architects Tuñón Arquitectos
Photograpghy Luis Asin
CG Arqrenderz

3dsmax/corona renderer/davinci resolve/photoshop

Tunon-archiects-interior-1" border="0

Tunon-Exterior-noche" border="0

Tunon-architects-v1" border="0

Tunon-Asoleadora-3" border="0

Tunon-silla-2" border="0

Tunon-Silla-1" border="0

Tunon-Top" border="0

Work in Progress/Tests / Arqrenderz render thread
« on: 2020-02-25, 15:27:05 »
Inspired by london art wallpaper, and the tacchini italia forniture Jacket armchair

3-A-crop" border="0
3-A" border="0

This was an idea in the back of my mind a long time ago, every texture has displacement, textures from texture heaven
4-Barn" border="0
Barn-front" border="0

cg representation Liberty city apartment
Photo credit @depasquale.maffini
Liberty-city-Cassina-v1" border="0

Hi, i have a doubt, i was making some hdri library, and this struck my head, should we load hdris with corona tone map control and tonemaping disabled becouse otherwise we are affecting the hdri and clamping its values, i  use a tonemaping of 2 on almost all my images, when i put the tonemap off on the hdri the "intensity" of it its more real to what i see is the hdri, otherwise its way duller.
And if its not disabled are we making the highlight compression on the hdri twice?

Anyone with the knowledge out there to solve my doubt??

Feature requests / ocio color management
« on: 2020-01-15, 16:06:21 »
There is a feature request on 3dsmax but lets be realistic, that could happen on 2025, It would be awesome if corona could support it!

Resolved feature requests / Aces in corona?
« on: 2020-01-09, 22:26:36 »
Hi guys, im reading more and more about aces and its very interesting indeed, i think corona dont have the support yet? is it on the future plans?

General Discussion / Corona and Mip-map
« on: 2019-12-16, 14:51:50 »
Hi,  i just saw the mention about textures and the power of 2 (Optimized memory storage of textures )
Is corona bitmap using less ram with these kind of textures right now?

Bug Reporting / Glass bug? new medium solver?
« on: 2019-12-05, 21:25:37 »
Hi, i encounter some thing, i think is a bug, attached a max file is a simple glass, if i put a value higher than 0 on the absorption color the glass turns completely black. the scale of the object is fine, if i disable the new medium solver the glass renders fine.

I need help / How to save background on exr
« on: 2019-09-15, 02:21:32 »
Simple topic, i want to save my background that is a 360 drone photo put on the override direct visibility, reflection and refraction of the scene, and i want to save it as it shows on the vfb, but when i save as an exr file it just dissapears, i have tried corona beauty pass, relection, refraction and a bunch other ones.
i love exr for the file organization instead of having tons of files for each render.

Hi guys as the title says I need help accessing the render elements trough max script, the thing is that we are using a home brew script to manage our cameras and scenes, but sometimes the render elements are not saved and we are losing a ton of time because of this...
Another topic would be if anyone knows how to really acces the layer manager system through max script, we have an issue organizing layers when a new layer or an old one is deleted, all our layers gets scrambled.
Many thx to all.

Another this is that we use the exr images with all the render elements on it (just one big file instead of many)

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