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I really miss the copy button in the Corona Image Editor. Unlike 3dsmax frame buffer there is no way to quickly extract image except save it.
Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

I need help / Triplanar per object random offset
« on: 2019-04-22, 16:35:25 »
I had a situation a few times when I Tex my scene primarily with triplanars, because it is very fast and easy to configure, and then there was a necessity of random offset of the adjacent object textures , for example, wood texture.As far as i understand , it is not possible to add the "UWV randomiser" like option somehow to triplanar yet, and the only way is to rebuild the material using uvs.Am i right?

Feature requests / Global exposure control override
« on: 2019-04-04, 15:27:14 »
Please, add an option to override global exposure contols in VFB. There is no way to keep VFB exposure control availible and fix viewport brightness at once.
As an option, corona camera exposure set to Simple could be the way to make exposure value availible again in VFB.

I need help / Viewport exposure control
« on: 2019-04-04, 14:53:44 »
 I want to make viewport brighter so i set physical camera exposure but dont want to use it during render.
Is it possible to make corona ignore 3dsmax exposure control?Or are there other options to make high quality viewport brighter?
*Found the feature i need in corona camera options... but is there a way to convert physical camera to corona?
**Nah, corona camera exposure do not make VFB exposure value availible which is sad!I think it could be a good feature.

I need help / New hotfix 2 2020 Noize
« on: 2019-04-03, 15:41:41 »
Hi , i just installed new hotfix 2 for some reason and now i got problems with lightmix denoizing , it just do nothing , but beauty pass denoise is fine. All lightselect element have denoise checked.
And it looks like corona renders much longer and noise is there even after 300passes. Tested on the same scene that worked fine on previous hotfix.
Is it just a coincidence or a bug?
same for max 2018 and 2020

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