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Gallery / CG Society Lighting challenge#37 Final images
« on: 2014-09-03, 14:31:11 »

Its been a few weeks now but here are my final images for this CGS Lighting challenge.
I changed the final lighting solution abit using Corona lights for the overhead panels instead of the Corona light material.
From the original WiP (,4623.0.html) I added alot more grime, graffiti, litter and scratches to most of the scene & also used Coronas camera DoF rather than adding it in post. I set the same 8hr render time as before.

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Hello Everyone,

Here's my entry for this months CGS Mini Lighting Challenge I've been working on intermittently for a few weeks now. I thought it was about time I posted something in the gallery here!

Rendered using Alpha 7. I've been using Corona since A5 release, I'm an avid follower of the forum and love the Renderer. Congrats to the team! :)

The base model for the challenge has been supplied by Preston Platt, and so the Textures, Shaders & Lighting were done by myself, its still WiP so more grime and trash will be added. Heres a couple of camera views and colour treatments, my final submission will probably be in Black & White.

The images were lit using a HDR environment & Coronas Light material with a texture applied for the light panels. I set the rendertime for each 2K image to 8hrs. (tbh they were probably good to use after 2hrs) I outputted the images as 32bit EXR then used Photoshop Camera RAW filter, Lens blur & Lens correction for post.

Feedback is always welcome, thanks

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General Discussion / CGcookie does a Corona Introduction
« on: 2014-03-31, 11:36:25 »
This tutorial popped up at the weekend & might be of interest.

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